Kingsbarns Dream to Dram - First Limited Release

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Kingsbarns Dream to Dram Lowland Single Malt Sotch Whiskey

Dream to Dram is the first regular lease of the Lowland Kingsbarns Distillery. The distillery was opened on St. Andrews Day in 2014, and the first whiskey was put on the market in March 2015. Based on locally grown barley, this Lowland Single Malt is distilled.

A slow production process in copper potstills forms the core of the distillation: a fermentation period of 3 -5 days, stills distilling for 8 hours and a slow spirit still with high cutpoints. The capacity of the distillery is to produce 200,000 liters of new make spirit per year.

The maturation takes place mainly in first-fillbourbon barrels of high quality (90%), exclusively from HeavenHill in Kentucky, supplemented with STR (Shaven, Toasted & Recharred) wine barrels. All Kingsbarns barrels are matured in warehouses not far from the distillery in Fife.

More Information
Whisky regionSee all whisky from the Lowland
Volume70 cl
Cask typeBourbon
FilteringNon-chill filtered
ShippingDelivery at US border within 2-4 business days
Final delivery depending on handling at Customs
Distillery infoKingsbarns Distillery - From the Kingdom of Fife
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