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It is tingling on the lips, super fresh and delicious ... what is it?

Gin & Tonic is hotter than ever, in untrained and ignorant hands a Gin & Tonic is just a refreshing shot of a dash of (cheap) Gin supplemented with Schweppes Tonic to the brim and if you're lucky another slice of lemon .... Madness! this is what the new generation of Gin enthusiasts and Bartenders all over the world tell us ..... the secret of a perfect Gin & Tonic is in the preparation and the right combinations of lovingly made special Gins and Tonics, made from pure ingredients!

Gin .... the forbidden drink.

Production of Gin dates beyond the 17th century and as many modern distillates was originally used for medicinal purposes. Gin is a popular ingredient in various modern cocktails and recipes, including the world-famous Martini and Gin & Tonic.


About three hundred years ago, the British government decided to restrict the production of gin, which led to the Gin Act in 1769. People were no longer allowed to make gin at home and producers had to adhere to strict rules. This laid the foundation for the London Dry Gin. The popularity of the drink has grown considerably over the past ten years. Dozens of new brands have been added, including many New Western Gins in which there is plenty of experimenting with special herbs. The arrival of brands that sought the gin's border resulted in a European redefinition in 2008. There are three types of gin: London gin, distilled gin and gin. All three are made from a redistillate of ethyl alcohol; the juniper must be recognisably present and the beverage has at least 37.5 percent alcohol.

LONDON GIN! This stands for a production method and can therefore be made anywhere in the world. The ingredients should be natural and at once to be distilled. No color or flavor. Only water and alcohol of the same origin may be used to dilute the gin.

DISTILLED GIN! This gin must be redistilled with natural ingredients. After the distillation more of the same alcohol may be added, but also infusions of other botanical ingredients.

GIN! If there is no other typing than gin on the label, you usually have a cheaper variant (which you can leave better). .... and if 3/4 of your Gin & Tonic is the Tonic? Make sure you use the best!

The question is simple, why use premium quality Gin and then mask the delicious taste with lesser quality Tonic? Fortunately, there are now naturally brewed products with a unique blend of the finest herbs and soft spring water. How do you serve a Perfect Gin Tonic ? Prepare ice cubes of your favorite Tonic, remove the ice cubes directly from the freezer (this makes the Gin Tonic cold and dilute less quickly), lime in a long drink glass, pour 35cc gin into the glass and then the Tonic, stir well , garnish.
You can now serve your Gin Tonic, enjoy it! Choose a bottle of a deliciously elegant, citrus and balanced gin - Our favorite is Beefeater, this is an absolute classic and one of the most recognizable and typical gins on the market. It is a London Dry Gin.
The bottle and its taste are very recognizable. It is very easy to combine with different cocktails and the best with Fever-Tree Tonic. In terms of price - quality, you are ideally positioned with this gin to successfully complete the spring season! In 2009 Beefeater won the gold medal in the category 'Best in its class' at the International Wine & Spirits Competition. Gin Tonic Fever TreeFever-Tree Tonic Water, the finest organic tonic, take a bottle of 200ml, this guarantees that you always have 'fresh' tonic! Fever-Tree combines a mix of botanical oils and quinine of high quality with natural spring water and lemon. This tonic was crowned winner of the 'San Sebastien Gourmet Awards' for its purity and refreshing aroma and taste. The contents of this tonic bottle looks crystal clear and has a pure appearance. Furthermore, the refreshing aroma includes clear citrus notes.
The taste is very soft for a tonic and shades of citrus and fruit are supported by those of the natural bitterness of the quinine that comes from Rwanda.


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