High Coast


BOX Whisky becomes High Coast

The Box Destilleri in Northern Sweden has given its bottlings the new name High Coast

The very tasty whiskeys from the Swedish Box Destilleri are now called High Coast Whiskey. The distillery is located in an area along the Arctic Circle on the Swedish East Coast, which is called "Höga Kusten" in Swedish. In English that is High Coast.

The Box Destilleri produces only 93,000 liters of pure alcohol every year, which all ripens in the beautiful area around the distillery. Every batch of whiskey that is bottled is therefore something special.
The new High Coast Dálvve is a very tasty whiskey with lots of fruit influences, grass and earth tones and warming herbs and peat smoke.

High Coast Dalvve (BOX Destilleri) 46% Nose: Vanilla, anise and smoke Flavor: Pear, vanilla, licorice and orange juice Finish: Medium long, with a small sweet and peppery tingling on the tongue.

And the new brother: High Coast Dálvve "sherry influence". This whiskey was first aged in former bourbon casks before being transferred to sherry casks of European oak. This has given this sturdy whiskey even more different tones. The nose experiences puffs of peat smoke, hay and sea air. On the tongue first toffee comes forward, after which almonds, honey, sea salt and toasted bread predominate. The finish is round and full of flavor and character. Also a new and very limited available Dálvve "Sherry Matured".

High Coast Dalvve Sherry Influenced (BOX Destilleri) 48% Sherry Cask Finished Nose: puffs of peat smoke, hay and the salty sea. Taste: a firm mouthfeel toffee, almonds, honey, sea salt and toasted bread. Finish: round and full of character.

The third new High Coast whiskey is High Coast Quercus III: Petraea is the third in a series of 3 in which the different types of oak from the barrels play the leading role. This Petraea oak gives the whiskey especially spicy notes that combine with vanilla. The nose first experiences vanilla, clove, lemon zest, ripe pear and oak. The taste also starts with vanilla and spices, after which the oak and cloves also determine the finish. A whiskey with very firm flavors.

High Coast Quercus 3: Petaea (BOX Destilleri) 50.8% European Oak Nose: white, black and exotic herbs with vanilla lemon peel, ripe pear and oak. Taste: first, vanilla and many spicy influences. Clove and herb from a gun barrel. Finish: a very strong whiskey with a lot of character.

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