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Floki Icelandic Whiskey

Floki Icelandic Youg Malt Whiskey is a handmade Icelandic whiskey made with 100% Icelandic unsprayed barley and thus 100% organic produced. Floki is a light brown young malt whiskey, which means that its ripening process is just below the average. But that certainly did not have any adverse effects on the whiskey itself. Its aroma is pleasantly fresh, with a mild spiciness. Filled with mainly roasted wood weed tones and a slightly buttered background. His taste is largely taken over by the softer flavors, no smoky notes or anything, but creamy vanilla and freshly baked bread. Nice and savory, with a slightly bitter tone of coffee for that extra bit of spice! The peppery background is slowly dragged forward as you get closer to its finish. This is quite short but has a nice amount of roasted popcorn. 

Produced in two rooms on a total of approximately 200m ². The locally grown barley is still malted on the farm and delivered to the distillery in bags. Due to the harsh, Nordic climate, the barley ripens more slowly and the malt contains less sugar. This requires about 50% more barley than is common in Scotland.

After grinding in a small malt mill is mashed in six pallet tanks. Anyone familiar with Mash-Tuns from Scottish whiskey production will be really surprised!
The fermented mash is then not treated further, i. it is not leached with warm water, but for the first distillation and the remaining grain is filled in with the two wash stills. These wash stills are a proprietary construction of former stainless steel milk coolers

After the first firing, which yields approximately 1000 l per pot still, the raw spirit is distilled in a Spirit-Still from Arnold Holstein, Markdorf / Bodensee.

It is currently being bottled in fresh American white oak barrels sourced from Scotland. The barrels are then stored again on the farm that produces the barley. Currently, about 100 barrels are stored there, where whiskey matures. Later, a targeted barrel selection should include its own second-fill barrels. Bottling, labeling and shipping of the bottles takes place in the second room of the distillery.

Nice to know:
On the bottle you can see which of the 500 numbered bottles you own. And did you know that this Floki cannot officially be officially classified as whiskey? Because he only had a maturation period of one year. This has been done intentionally. Because this causes the barrels to be flavored and then real Icelandic whiskey to mature. You have to start somewhere.

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