Compass Box Flaming Heart 6th (2018) edition

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This is the sixth edition of Flaming Heart, a whisky inspired by a rock song.
Once again, Compass box combines the rich, bold spiciness of malt whisky aged in heavy-toasted French oak barrels with the evocative smoke of peatedIslay malt whisky. The components are from a range of ages that provides depth and complexity.
The combination yields a flavour profile like no other in Scotch whisky:big, bold, hauntingly smoky, but with an alluring ethereal sweetness that calls you back to the glass.

In this 2018 edition, they reintroduced a subte Sherry cask imfluence that adds an additional layer of complexity and richness. This is a touch they have used for the Flaming heart only once before, in the 2012 edition.

While they nuance each edition of Flaming Heart, the signature style always remains the same.

A medium smoky-peaty base is enriched by a sweet maltiness and notes of baking spices and dried fruit. Full on the palate and a very long finish

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Dark Chocolate
Peated Peated whisky
Volume 70 cl
Alcohol% 48.9
Filtering Non-chill filtered
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Final delivery depending on handling at Customs
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