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WhisQy.com has for online shopping Europeans largest range of exclusive Fine Spirits, Whiskey, Bourbon, Rum, Cognac, Vodka, Gin, Liqueur with International shipping.

The team of WhisQy.com is specialized in international shipping and delivering throughout the world directly to your state.

Trusted with delivering thousands of cases worldwide over the last years, the owners Ernst and Jeannette Dambrink and their team are looking forward to help you.

Ernst and Jeannette Dambrink complement each other perfectly when they talk about their passion: the exciting world of Fine Spirits. Together they have all the knowledge that is required to bring the authentic product back in the spotlights.

New Internet Technologies and Social Media give the traditional whiskeys the attention they deserve.
That is the reason they are confident that they will succeed to offer their customers over 5000 fine spirits, Whiskey, Bourbon, Rum, Cognac, Wodka, Gin, Liqueur and send them directly to their front doors.

“Their dream becomes reality with www.whisqy.com and they are proud to have so many loyal customers.

Klaver Vier Lange Nieuwstraat UtrechtOUR HISTORY

When we take a closer look at the experiences of the ancestors Ernst, we discover that their passion for Fine spirits has old roots.

Cornelis Dambrink Provided Bars By Horse Carriage
Originally, Ernst was an ICT-Expert and Internet marketer. With the launch of The Best of Whisky, he follows in the footsteps of his grandfather Cornelis Dambrink.

He started in 1905 a liquor factory named “Klaver Vier”, at the Lange Nieuwstraat in Utrecht. He also distilled his own beverages. Cornelis Dambrink went to pubs to sell Brandy and Raisins, Cognac and Citron Jenever. Cornelis’ recipe book, egg nog cattle, and ancient alcoholometers are still flaunting.

Refreshed History
Finally, years of experience and knowledge of whiskey, marketing, acquisition, ICT and sale come together. This gave the couple the confidence to start together this adventure.

It will feel like you are at a distant whiskey tasting: They will take you with them alongside all innovations in the world of Fine Spirits. A large collection, sometimes expensive and sometimes affordable, but always with great quality and personality.

Come Look & Taste - Always more than 50 bottles opened!

Our large new attractively Whisky specialty store specializing in Single Malt Whiskey & Independent bottlers can be found in the Krimpenerwaard within a limited travel distance of Rotterdam and Utrecht with the largest assortment of Zuid-Holland.

There are always more than 50 bottles open, more than 600 Whiskeys in stock in more than 100m² whiskey experience!

Nice whiskey stories, videos and nice people .... just ask for something to taste andthe coffe is always free :)

WhisQy.com is your shop for all your favorite whiskey, cognac, rum, vodka, liqueur, jenever and gin.

"Our mission: to create experiences that are so good that you pass the word: easy and personal, discover it yourself and spread it around!"

Sharing beautiful stories
Because we have been active in the Wine- and Whiskey scene for so long, we like to share our experiences with all wine- and whiskey lovers. You can also regularly enjoy the most beautiful stories about the regions where they come from. We are only too happy to illustrate this with the beautiful video images of the distilleries that showcase the treasures of Wine and Whiskey's in an attractive way.

Lifestyle Present Shopping in Ouderkerk

In the beautiful old village center of Ouderkerk aan den IJssel, with its many Old Dutch buildings you will find a special store, where both men and women can find something beautiful.

Come shopping in the beautiful special shops that the old village center of Ouderkerk has, such as the traditional Chocolaterie and Patisserie De Berekuil with terrace, Flowers and Living at Liza with a great assortment of Riviera Maison, the Ceramics Gallery of Hanneke Van Vliet Ceramics artist and the attractively brocante shop Oud Nieuws Brocante, rural living & gifts.

whisky wine netherlands zuidholland

For the men a wonderful drinks specialty store Whisqy.com, with a large tasting table, every Saturday free tasting.
While the ladies are still a bit longer in the beautiful gift shops, the men can sit down on Saturday for a free cup of coffee or a nice dram!

In addition, you will find in the Oudheid room of the Historical Society located in d'Oude Backerij varying exhibitions about the regions history and a beautiful monumental 12th century village church. The Antiquity Room is open on the 2nd and 4th Saturday afternoons of the month.

Come and visit the beautiful gift shops and take a walk through the monumental village center over the floating jetties of the beautiful harbor front with a view of the river IJssel or just sail over with the foot ferry and continue walking in Hitland!

We welcome you,

Ernst & Jeannette Dambrink

Ps. Did you already know that you can park at our own premises?

Abelenlaan 6
2935SB Ouderkerk aan den IJssel - Krimpenerwaard - ZuidHolland - The Netherlands
Phone: +31-180-721048

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