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The Specialists Choice Clynelish 9 years

On to the whisky! This whisky is distilled by independent bottlers Elixir Distillers in their series “The single malts of Scotland” highlighting some of the great distilleries.Clynelish is one of those special distilleries. It has gained some fame in the whisky community as it shares a long history with the closed down Brora distillery in the same fysical location. 

Where Brora produced peated whisky, the since 1967 new larger Clynelish distillery has been producing flowery, unpeated whiskies that are part of blends like Johnny Walker Gold label but are also bottled as single malt....

The colour of this whisky is a beautiful yellow gold, and when pouring and nosing the glass it immediately strikes as a very delicate dram, considering the relatively short 9 years it has been in the cask. The nose is flowery with some super nice pineapple and mango present.

Bottled at an enjoyable 50% abv it gives enough room for the flavour profile to shine through with clear honey, lemon and orange peel on the taste, on top of the exotic fruits. The mouthfeel is creamy, with a slight hint of butterscotch. The finish is lightly drying and lingers quite longer than I would expect.

A whisky that enhances the summer feeling. Who would ask for more?



Review by Roger Tan
roger 100


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