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A small introduction: Roger Tan

Hello everyone, it's just right before the summer holidays, or maybe you are already enjoying a well-earned vacation? Greeted by some nice sunshine to enhance the summer mood I would like to introduce myself as a new face on this blog and in the newsletter of Wine &

My name is Roger Tan, I’m a 44 year old whisky enthusiast, happily living with my girlfriend and 3 small children in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I have been enjoying single malt whisky since my university years in the nineties, but back then it was a bit less refined drinking instead of sipping and tasting. 😉

Now whisky really has become my passion, I’m continuously trying to enhance my taste and experience in whisky. Naturally that involves trying out a lot of different whiskies and discovering the vast expanse in flavour profiles that each distillery and bottlings brings to the table.

Next to tasting whisky I also love to photograph the whisky bottles and showcase them daily on my Instagram and facebook page (under my name of @maltcircle), together with some fun info and tasting notes.

I’m very happy to be given the opportunity by Ernst, Jeannette and Otto to from now on regularly write for all of you who read the blog and newsletter of Wine &! And you will also regularly find my photos and notes on instagram and facebook for @whisqycom, so I really hope you enjoy it!

Roger (aka @maltcircle)

PS just to be sure, all photos and reviews are my own, so if you see anything amiss let me know and don’t blame the fine folks at 😉

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