Blantons online for sale worldwide shipping john shutt A unique opportunity with Blanton's Bourbon 's John Shutt director of international sales. In the interview he tells about the 4 different labels, the history and in which markets you can get the Blanton's. 

He begins with: "It's always a great time to have friends and fans coming in. Hardly anyone in the U.S.A has had a chance to taste the complete collection of Blanton Bourbons in Warehouse H and were about to do that with you.

You will be really surprised what we have lined up for you. So welcome in warehouse H."

What makes warehouse H so special? 
Warehouse H is not just special it's magical. It's such a consistent warehouse it produces great barrels one after the other.......


So you're getting a hotter warehouse and your whiskey is actually working cycling through the wood more often.
Its with Blanton's typically focus on taste, not the year. Because at a certain temperature your whiskey actualised dormant and does interact with the barrel so, therefore, that's why we focus on taste.

Blanton warehouse h online for sale 250Every bottle of Blanton's and you'll see that right on the bottle itself, Warehouse H. Every bottle Blanton's comes from here. Every barrel is hand-selected, taste-panel tasted, Hand bottled, Hand waxed.

Everything about this process is about quality and taste. Some ar familiar blends but I haven't seen one of these before. Blanton actually has 4 different labels that we sell throughout international markets and also for duty-free and cruise ship buy as well. 

Blanton's Special Reserve
The first one I wanna talk about today is the special reserve which is bottled at 80 proof. It's the lowest proof single-barrel that we have.
It's funny cause this Blanton's actually was created for countries with extremely high terms of taxes on alcohol. And getting this into countries with 80 proof really help people out with lower taxes.

So this one was actually more floral on the nose and fruitier with more the ingredient flavors.
You're gonna pull a lot of citrus out of this bourbon. It makes a great old-fashion cocktail. So this is the special reserve 80 proof. I think what you were saying was right I tasted some citrus, tropical fruit, a little tint of vanilla but, for a single-barrel 80 proof, this has a lot going on. We really agree with that too, it's lighter it's younger. It's really made for someone who's really wanting to explore a single-barrel bourbon.

Blanton's Original
And what is the one that we see here? This is the original label its bottled at 93 proof which most people are familiar with. You can get it at your local liquor store. It's also available in international markets as well. I always loved this one. There's a great amount of spice especially the finish. I'm getting some bacon spices towards the end. A great amount of barrel just really clean, smooth delicious. You're getting the sweetness. You're getting the vanillas and you're starting to be introduced to the oak and it's heavier flavors but, it's not overwhelmed. It's not full of tobacco and oak. It's more very well balanced.

blanton serie online for sale

We always sais that blends are just a really true bourbon flavor.

It's just what a real bourbon should taste like, is that right?
That's what we think anyway. We're very proud of our original, the story behind our label and creating the first premium label. So John, this being the original why was this created? In 1984 single-malt scotch was really popular throughout the country and the rest of the world. Elmer T. Lee, master of the distillery at the time was asked to create a super-premium bourbon. Elmer T. Lee who is a legend in his own right thought back to another legend Colonel Blanton, he was actually the president at the time.

He remembered that Blanton would bottle one barrel at a time. Colonel Blanton always thought that he knew the perfect location right here in warehouse H for a barrel to age. So would have staff members actually pull a barrel from the exact location that he requested. And he tasted it before bottling it to VIP's, ambassadors.

So Elmer T.Lee actually brought Blanton's back for his personal friends? Absolutely that's what so great about it's available for the common guy. It's available for me, for you or someone who really wants to taste a piece of history. It was made by a man with a vision who wanted to really create something that is visionary. It's still bottled the same way today and it's such a great bourbon. Well, that's a great story but how did this one actually came in to be.

Blanton straight from the barrel online for sale 7 250Blanton's Gold Edition
The next label that was created after the original 93 proof was actually our gold edition which was 103 proof. This bourbon was really pushed to the limits. No other bourbon had really gone to the complexity level that this bourbon had gone when it was created. You're gonna get in a more cognac quality, some heavier flavors. And just the smoothness is fantastic. It's and older bourbon so you're gonna get heavier flavors like honey, leather, tobacco and some oak as well.

The Gold Edition which was the second to the collection and this is a 103 proof. I taste some apple I taste some honey, some cinnamon. Just really delicious and once again really smooth and really bourbon light. But the cognac flavor is there in some way. The red fruits are really shy in this bourbon and just like you said apple is in there. Again this bourbon is also on the finish, you go from red fruit and you start to get into your tobacco. You really transmission from this sweet into this darker heavier bourbon.

I'm not even sure if I would've known if this was a 103 proof, it's just so smooth. I think that's really what separates Blanton's from the rest of the bourbons. Keep in mind I'm a bourbon fan but Blanton's is just so well balanced it doesn't matter what proof it is.

The bourbon always seems to be as smooth as silver, and I just comes out with a great finish and the nose is powerful. It complements what a bourbon is all about.

Blantons straight from the Barrel Proof 200Blanton's Straight from the Barrel
This one takes it to a whole new level and I'm seeing here John, 131,9 proof it's straight from the barrel. That's the name of it “Straight from the barrel”. It's straight from the barrel it's unfiltered and it's bottled straight from the barrel. This was actually developed for the french market, they actually requested a gastrique bourbon. They really enjoyed the Blanton's flavor profile but, they wanted a gastrique bourbon. So we developed this in 2002 for the french market and it just really took off. The complexity of this bourbon is unmatched in my opinion by any bourbon on the market. Its finish I describe it as legendary. It continues to invite u back for a second drink.

And here we are in warehouse H where the barrels are, where the bourbon is aged and where we are gonna taste a Straight-from-the-barrel. I can definitely taste its more proof but, there's still that smoothness. There's still that flavor that is coming through in a huge way. I only use 3 words to describe this bourbon it's uncut, it is unfiltered, it's unbelievable.

Most people open it and see that proof and cannot believe how smooth the bourbon is. The bottle says 65% alcohol and to be able to focus on flavor, it's very rare.

Were can I find these?
So john after tasting your whole collection, I really enjoyed it. Where can I find this?
We're available in 35 countries. We're available around the Carribean cruise lines and certain duty-free shops as well. And of course, u can get the original worldwide. At this time were not available in the U.S but keep in mind that our original 93 proof the one that started it all is still available for Americans.

How can I get the Gold or the Straight-from-the-barrel its a question that we get often and I hate to answer it saying ”I'm sorry we can't get it”, there's a strong demand for the unique Blanton's, they have choosen the other labels of Blanton's not to be introduced onto the US market.

You can however order them online when you are lucky. Always hard to get, but now avalaible from The Netherlands. They specialised in delivering throughout the world and shipping directly to your state.
Trusted with delivering thousands of cases worldwide over the last years, you can buy with confidence and trust. They ship your order in triple thick shipping boxes, with Track & Trace information and return receipt.

I've enjoyed it thanks you so much for your time. No problem it was fun. It was wonderful and a great opportunity to taste the complete collection of Blanton's in warehouse H. This is where it all comes from right here in warehouse H!

Blanton straight from the barrel online for sale


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