whisky webshop worldwide shipmentTHE NETHERLANDS - THE TELEGRAPH • In their previous store in Steiger you almost tripped over boxes and bottles; Ernst and Jeannette Dambrink can from now on walk freely through their office of the Rabobank on Abelenlaan 6 in The Netherlands.

That will improve the experience at ‘WhisQy.com’. Enthusiasts can come into their own even more in this unique shop. “There is ample opportunity for sociable tasting. Furthermore, customers have a wider choice by extending the range. In short, let the enjoyment commence”, says Ernst Dambrink.

The bank building had been empty for six years and now gets a new purpose because of the entrepreneurs from Ouderkerk. The couple sells the majority of their high quality whisky through their webshop www.whisQy.com to customers all over the world, but the store fits perfectly with their way of making and maintaining contact. “Service is an important pillar of our approach”, Jeannette says. “We prefer a personal approach and regularly ask customers to share their experiences with us and other enthusiasts. Whisky is a unifying factor. That’s why we’re excited to be able to take this major step.”

And all of this in the month of presents. You couldn’t think of a better moment, even though the couple and employees felt like they were making double weeks because of the moving. “You want it to look slick. Whisky is linked to style and atmosphere. We wanted to present our whisky and various gadgets in a clear manner. We feel we succeeded in this. We notice this from the orders and reactions”, according to Jeannette and Ernst.

Naturally, special whiskies are selected for the connoisseur, but also ‘beginners’ can succeed on the shop. “You can get a fine bottle of whisky for about thirty euro”, Ernst says. “I like to let the buyer have a taste before he pays for it. 'Try before you buy'. Tastes differ. One person loves whisky with a smoky flavour; another prefers the unpeated version.”

The number of years often determines the quality of the bottle, Ernst explains. “People from Belgium and Germany come to Ouderkerk to visit our store to independently bottled whiskies. Well, these are sometimes very beautiful bottles of whiskies. There are investors who invest in this product and store whisky in order to make a profit in the future. So you can see a mixed company knows how to find our products.”

They will find not only about fourthousand bottles of whisky in the webstore, but also encounter excellent wines, rum, cognac and liqueurs. Dutch Spirits is on the rise. “Fantastic bottled gin from Zuidam for example”, Jeannette says. “You would instantly want to open the bottle yourself.”

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