whisky triple distilledIn alcohol manufacturing, the standard distillation process for making malt whiskey features two stages.

In triple distillation, another stage is added to the process, improving the taste and alcohol content. Distillation is a means to purify a liquid through a process of evaporation followed by condensation.
In triple distillation, the alcohol undergoes the process three times.

Do you know the different features, benefits and what does triple distillation have on the taste?
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The typical triple installation process features three copper stills: a spirit still, an intermediate still and a wash still.

Alcohol that undergoes triple distillation is lighter in color while maintaining a higher strength of spirit, resulting in a cleaner, crisper taste.

More distilling doesn't necessarily make an alcohol better.
While many feel triple distillation is ideal, adding a fourth and fifth stage to the process can make the alcohol too powerful and ruin any subtle nuances in taste.

Triple distillation is associated with whiskey manufacturing in the Scottish Lowlands.
Irish malt whiskey is also known for triple distillation.

What does triple distillation have on the taste of whisky?

Triple distillation can do various things to Liquors, depending on what the producer does with products and By products.

Distilling moves the whiskey towards a higher proof drink, removing more of the bitter Fusal oils and chemicals.
Do note that some of these by-products are also "Flavour".

More distillation means more choosing what is left in the whiskey, and what is taken out: A more refined product.

Auchentoshan, Hazelburn (produced in Springbank Distillery) for example are three times distilled.

Triple distilled which produces a light delicate flavour. They are generally floral, sweet and light.

In the 2013 SF Spirits Competition, Auchentoshan Three Wood Single Malt Scotch won a Double Gold while their classic won a silver.
There's also the discussion of time and cost versus the quality its gives. It's obvious that distilling a third time brings extra time, cost and work... if made for a better whisky it's worth the efforts and it brings just an other wrinkle to the lovely whisky world.

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