Old Particular Douglas Laing now online for sale
Old particulate is the most popular label of Douglas Laing.
Under this label are again three very special whiskeys bottled.
Bruichladdich Port Charlotte is heavily peated version of Bruichladdich Distillery, also known as PC. This 10 year old whiskey comes from a former Port barrel and juicy corn, lots of dark red fruit, spices and leather. Everything is covered with smoke, chimney soot and burnt peat. A delicious whiskey with collector value .....

The Strathclyde 2005, a 10 year old corn whiskey and comes from a sherry butt. The latter makes this grain whiskey special. Fresh fruit with red berries, spice cake, strawberries with cream and mocha. Everything is closed by heavy seasoning with ginger, anise and white pepper. Truly a fantastic whiskey ......

....... And 9 pretty special bottlings, Double Barrel .... Extra Old particulate from a closed distillery ....

A third new bottling has come within a Glenturret 1988. A lovely addition to the new bottlings from the distillery itself, this whisky has spicy aromas of toffee, a damp warehouse full of breathable whiskey barrels. The flavors range from milk chocolate, caramel, spices to warming oak. Classic in every sense of the word.

The Remarkable Regional Malts are completed.

Douglas Laing The Epicurean now online for sale 250The very popular Remarkable Regional Malts series Douglas Laing is complemented by the Blended Malt whiskey from the 5th district of Scotland, Lowland.
After Big Peat (Islay), Scallywag (Speyside), Timorous Beastie (Highland) and Rock Oyster (Islands) completes The Epicurean (Lowland) the series.

In the 30s of the last century there lived a man in Glasgow, so full of life, so full of humor, so stylish, that his way of life was an example for many others. His glass was never empty, meals always tasteful, his clothes always modern and colorful, and his company always cheerful. He garnered universally admiring for his zest for life, good taste and desire for quality. In Glasgow he was known as ' The Epicurean. "

In good Dutch means "The attempt to obtain an optimal state of happiness for the longest possible time to enjoy as much of life, without excess."

Epicurean is a blended malt of all active distilleries in the Lowlands.
Douglas Laing Whisky Double BarrelDouble Barrel Douglas Laing:
The Double Barrel series 1 summarizes Islay whiskey combined with one cask Speyside whiskey. This allows the flavor profile is widened. A few weeks ago we introduced the combinations Ardbeg / Inchgower and Bowmore / Craigellachie. Now that the combinations are reversed.

The Ardbeg / Craigellachie has soft vanilla, lime and burnt toffee on the nose. On the tongue caramel sweet tones go into chocolate and smoldering coal. The finish is very smoky, ending in sweet licorice.

The Bowmore / Inchgower opens sweet but quickly turns into maritime features. Soft smoky with fresh, homemade cookies and forth to the beach feeling.

Douglas Laing Whisky ProvenanceProvenance Douglas Laing:
The new Provenance bottlings this time are all a little younger. An Ardmore 2008 sweet smoke, vanilla, warm custard and toffee on the nose. Sweet cereal, rich spices and smoking oak cover the tongue.

A Caol Ila from 2010 has a lot of smoke in the nose. Along with heavy tar, ash and many sea influences, however, know this flue also a sweet heart.

The Aultmore 2008 is very different. The sherry butt has dark spices, red fruit and currants and raisins left. Va Speysider in Jerez style.

Xtra Old Particular Douglas Laing garnheath 1974 now online for saleXtra Old Particulair Douglas Laing:
Garnheath is a long-closed grain distillery. Very rarely is there even bottled a barrel. This 1974 but has yielded very few bottles. And this, we have been able to grab some. Sweet spices and milk chocolate with honey and vanilla. The finish is long and velvety.


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