Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition 2016 online saleFour Roses Small Batch Bourbon is a great small edition of bourbon by Four Roses. The name, Small Batch, already gives it away. Four recipes were used and blended to create each edition. Sweet and spicy, with a generous dash of vanilla; this is a true treat!

Master Distiller J. Rutledge created the Four Roses Small Batch. A harmonious blend of four refined American Bourbons at the height of their ripeness rewards the enthusiast with a symphony of sweet, fruity aromas and a rich and spicy palate.

 An exquisite ode to 120 years of superior Four Roses quality, which presents itself in a sensuous smooth taste sensation. This also reopened the hearts of Americans to bourbon whiskey.

Four Roses - Small Batch - 2013 Limited Edition - 125th Anniversary

In order to celebrate their 125th anniversary, Four Roses released this Limited Edition last year. It’s a special version of the Small Batch with an increased alcohol percentage of 51.6%. the whiskey was compiled from three out of the ten recipes available at Four Roses.

In the language of the distillery: an 18 year old OBSV (old high-rye mashbill with a fruity yeast type), a 13 year old OBSK (younger high-rye mash bill with a spicy yeart type) and a 13 year old OESK (younger low-rye mash bill (75% corn, 20% rye and 5% barley malt) with the same spicy yeast type). 12,468 numbered bottles are available worldwide.

According to Master Distiller Jim Rutledge, and many experts agree that this is the best Four Roses ever bottled!

Colour: honey gold.
Nose: very rich and complex. Fruity aromas of cherries, apple, red berries, apricot and dark fruits, sweetness of creamy vanilla, caramel, brown sugar and honey and the spice of rye, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, nutmeg and black pepper. All this is shrouded by smoky notes of charcoal and very fine oak.
Flavor: great continuation of the nose with quite a lot of spunk. The fruity notes of the nose are now complemented with orange, raspberry and a hint of citrus fruit. Refined sweetness from notes of vanilla, honey, caramel and chocolate. The oak is again subtly present, as well as notes of tobacco and leather. The spicy notes are clearly present and play the main role in the delicious long aftertaste, along with the notes of cherry and vanilla.

Four Roses - Single Barrel - 2014 Limited Edition - Four Roses (11 yrs / 54.20 %)

For the 2014 Limited Edition of Four Roses’ Single Barrel, a recipe was chosen that hadn’t been bottled before as a single barrel. It concerns distillate with the code OESF. O stands for production in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, E stands for a mashbill of 75% corn, 25% rye and 5% malted barley, S means Straigh Bourbon and F represents a yeast stem that gives the whiskey its notes of mint and fruit.

The whiskey comes from barrel 47-IQ and is ripened in warehouse HW. It is 11 years old and bottled un-chill filtered at 54.2% cask strength.

Colour: amber. 
Nose: rich with aromas of ripe fruit and light spicy notes, soft with a hint of sweetness from the oak, vanilla and caramel. 
Taste: full and soft with delicious sweet, fruity aromas and rich spicy notes. 
The aftertaste is long, elegant, pleasant, round and soft.

Four Roses - Small Batch - 2014 Limited Edition - Four Roses (9 yrs / 55.90 %)

Four Roses annually releases a Limited Edition of its Small Barch, un-chill filtered bottled on Barrel Proof. For the 2014 edition, Master Distiller Jim Rutledge made a selection of four recipes out of the ten available ones. The recipe of this version is thirteen year old OBSV, twelve year old OESV, eleven year old OBSF and nine year old OBSK.

The result is a rich and powerful bourbon with freshness and delicious notes of fruit. 12.516 bottles were bottled on September 18, 2014, with a cask strength of 55.9%.

Colour: amber.
Nose: rich and soft, fruity aromas of citrus fruit, raspberry and orange zest are mixed with honey, smoky maple syrup, caramel, mint, soft spices and fine oak.
Flavour: creamy and refined sweet, notes of ripe red berries, orange, vanilla, caramel, mint, cloves, cinnamon and smoky oak.
The aftertaste is long and powerful, yet very refined.

Four Roses - Small Batch - 2015 Limited Edition - Four Roses (11yrs / 54.30%)

Overall Four Roses knocked it out of the park with this bottle, this seems to be better than the 2014 release which was given a solid A-. The nose is a little tight and there is a slight astringency late in the finish. If it opens up a bit in time this would probably jump to a first A+ review. 

A 16-year-old OBSK
A 15-year-old OESK
A 14-year-old OESK
An 11-year-old OBSV

Nose: Picking up a lot of rye behind a classic bourbon profile with a fair amount of oak as you'd expect. Really nice balance here. A little water here subdues the rye and brings out more sweetness.
Palate: Lots of rye and lighter floral notes at the front with more caramel, dry oak spices, gingerbread and candied fruits coming later on. Thick and creamy mouth-feel.
Finish:  Rye spice and barrel char fading into a rich sweetness that sticks around for ages. It tastes like I just ate a delicious dessert.

Four Roses - Small Batch - 2016 Limited Edition - Four Roses (12 yrs / 55.60 %)

The new Master Distiller Brent Elliott had been working together with Jim Rutledge for years, but after Jim’s retirement this is the first Small Batch Limited Edition he was the sole supervisor of. He picked three out of the ten available recipes. The core is formed by twelve year old OESO. In addition a twelve-year-old OBSV and a sixteen-year-old OESK were used. This means three yeast stems (O, K and V) and two mashbills. The E stands for 75% corn, 20% rye and 5% malted barley. The percentages for B are 60, 35 and 5 respectively. The result is a very fruity bourbon, balanced by spiciness and complexity of the oldest component.

Colour: light amber.
Nose: aromas of sweet cherries, crisp fresh green apples, apricot, toasted oak, the spiciness of the rye and a hint of peppermint.
Flavour: first sharp tones of citrus, quickly followed by a wealthy and creamy mouth feeling with notes of molasses, caramel toffee, crème brûlée, dark fruit and peppery spices.
The aftertaste is long and remarkably soft with notes of honey and mint.

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