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In early October Compass Box brings two new limited edition bottlings.
The first is the SpiceTree Extravaganza. This will be released as the 10th anniversary of the original SpiceTree bottling which was banned because the lagering process did not meet the rules.
The second is the 3 year old The Luxe Whisky. As you may know, the owner of Compass Box, John Glaser, is currently working on to make war against the Scottish legislation. He would like the age, of all whiskey that he uses in his blends, to be mentioned on the label or as additional information in a fact sheet. However, the SWA will not have this after complaints were received from the Whisky Industry. John Glaser has started a petition to get the rules changed.

As a kind of protest he brings now a bottling from which the blend contains 1% malt of 3 years old (Clynelish?) and 90 percent from much older malt (Clynelish?). The remaining 9 percent is a malt Peated Skye (Talisker?). Since the rules are, you always the last component in the blend must mention, there three years on the label. Ultimately, this is of course a whiskey that is much older!

We expect them in early October ...... Click to receive notice of the COMPASS BOX THE SPICE TREE “EXTRAVAGANZA” LIMITED and here for the COMPASS BOX 3 YEAR OLD THE LUXE LIMITED

Extravaganza Noun. A literary or musical work marked by extreme freedom of style and structure.

Ten years ago, they were compelled to discontinue production of one of their most innovative Scotch whiskies – The Spice Tree – due to a certain avante-garde approach to cask maturation that was deemed 'untraditional'.

compass box spice tree extravaganza 3 years old deluxeIn the years that followed they were able to work with cooper friends in both France and Scotland to bring back The Spice Tree and now today – on the tenth anniversary of the original bottling being banned – they are proud to release this Limited Edition whisky: SPICE TREE EXTRAVAGANZA.

As the name suggests, the liquid draws its inspiration from The Spice Tree but reinterprets it through the use of older components and a significant portion of sherry-cask aged malt whisky. The Spice Tree's trademark spice character is retained but set within a richer, more elegant frame with a new depth of flavour and complexity.

Decadent and playful on the nose, you will find notes of sherry wine, dark berries and the fragrant sweetness of traditional sweet shops. On the palate there is juicy red fruit, a dark brown sugar richness, the trademark Spice Tree ginger and clove spice character and an endlessly long, spicy substantial finish.

This is an excessive, rich dare we say extravagant whisky. The perfect drink with which to mark one of our more infamous anniversaries. Drink it and enjoy it any way you like-there are no rules that can't be broken

''How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were''

Compass Box Three year old Deluxe - For much of this year we have been quietly exploring how if at all we might be able to amend EU and UK regulations that currently prohibit us from sharing information about the ages of the whiskies used in our blends.

For various reasons (including, believe it or not, ''Brexit'') it is unlikely that any satisfactory change in EU or UK laws will be achieved in the short-term, but that does not mean we cannot continue doing what we have always done and blend whiskies of different ages to create complexity and balance. And with that in mind, we are proud to introduce you to our newest Limited Edition Scotch whisky; 3 Year-Old Deluxe...

......a Blended Malt whisky composed of just under 1% three year-old malt whisky produced near the village of Brora, a little over 90% malt whisky of an unstated age from the same distillery and 9% peaty malt whisky, distilled on the Isle of Skye.
Regulations permit us only to share details of the age of the youngest component!

compass box spice tree extravaganza glaserNo matter. For it is this three year old component that we think is truly special aged by us, from the time it was new-make spirit just off the still, in our own high quality first-fill American oak casks. It imparts a lively vivacity to the blend, as well as representing a milestone in our development as whiskymakers, as it is from our very first campaign of laying down new-make spirit.

3 Year-Old Deluxe is a celebration of the role that whiskies of all ages can play in a well-constructed blend. The rich vanilla notes, waxiness and decadent baked orchard fruit notes from the larger parcel of Highland malt whisky provide a beautiful platform on top of which the brooding qualities of the peaty malt whisky and the clean, bright character of the three year-old parcel are able to shine.
We like to say that 3 Year-old Deluxe is precociously mature. However you drink it, who ever you share it with above all share and enjoy.

About Compass Box
We are Scotch whiskymakers. This word, whiskymaker, is our word, it doesn't appear in a dictionary. To us it combines product and process making them one, defining our approach.

Each whisky begins with an idea, a vison, formed through a combination of traditional practice and our own inspiration. Different than a distiller, more than a blender, we are Scotch whiskymakers.

Above all, share and enjoy.

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