laphroaig bestofwhiskyLaphroaig is a complex beast - even the closest friends can describe it in seemingly disparaging terms… before saying ‘they love it'

It's a whisky you can't fail to have a strong opinion about. Have a nip of Laphroaig, let your creativity run riot and share your own opinion...... 

We thought you may like this stunning video about Laphroaig....... Watch the video and impress your friends with your own lyrical poem!

With Burns Night fast approaching on Monday 25th January we thought you may appreciate this video, it is a poem written and performed by Elvis McGonagall, the award-winning Scottish poet, who is also a stand-up comedian and a poetry slam world champion.

The film is part of Laphroaig’s ongoing #OpinionsWelcome global campaign, gathering honest opinions about Laphroaig from friends and foe alike. Rabbie Burns is famous for his odes to objects like haggis and mice, so an ode to Laphroaig seemed like an ideal accompaniment to any Burns Night celebration.

If you want to impress your friends on Burns Night with your own recital of "A Burns Night Ode to Laphroaig" then the words are below.
           ‘An Ode Tae Laphroaig’The “How-Do-You-Pronounce-It?” malt

Wi’ which some Sassenachs find fault
Aw’ storm-lashed-sea-spray-smoky-salt
Let’s exalt Laphroaig

Islay rain on heather, moss and grass
Through kiln ‘n cask, frae grain tae glass
A snort, a drop, a dram o’ class
Crack open the Laphroaig

A richt rambusteous “amber bead”
No yin fur faintheart or weak-kneed
A muckle skelp aboot the heid
Pure radge that Laphroaig

Uisge beathe - nae moonshine booze
The nectar that the angels choose
Ambrosia, immortal muse
Bottled poetry Laphroaig

In seven pot stills by the ocean
Liquid joy, sweet peaty potion
A burning kiss of deep devotion
Ooh la la Laphroaig

Tastebuds flyin’ as high as a kite
Brain burstin’ oot in fairy lights
A deoch-an-doris tae cap the night
Just wan more Laphroaig

Queen o’ the Hebrides’ golden tears
Distillation o’ two hundred years
Skal, Prost, Salud, Kampei, Cheers
Slainte-mhath! Laphroaig!

Copyright Elvis McGonagall April 2015        

If all this nice words brings you in the mood for a Laphroaig you will find a great range of Laphroaig available.

Listen to someone speak the Scottish dialect, and you'll quickly understand why poetry is part of that country's national heritage. In fact, every Jan. 25, Scotland celebrates Burns Night in honor of Romantic poet Robert Burns.

To mark the occasion this year, Laphroaig asked another Scottish poet—and poetry slam world champion—Elvis McGonagall to give his opinion on Laphroaig.

The "Opinions Welcome" campaign from agency White Label has been going on for three years now, encouraging people to express how they really think the distinctive whisky tastes (either good or bad). For his part, McGonagall certainly seems to like the liquid.

His "Ode to Laphroaig" pays homage to Burns' classic "Address to a Haggis," and it makes a great deal of sense to reference that particular poem: Both Haggis and Laphroaig are acquired tastes, alternately lauded and vilified

Some Sassenachs find fault" in the stone-lashed, sea spray and smoky salt taste of Laphroaig, McGonagall admits. But he compares it to "Isle rain on heather," and suggests you crack open a bottle—if you're not weak of heart or knee.

After the taunt, he waxes poetic, calling Laphroaig "the nectar that the angels choose, ambrosia, immortal muse" ... and, of course, "bottled poetry." All of it is said in the context of a roaring fire behind a classic bottle, and an amber-hued dram of the world's most divisive whisky.

It's probably the nicest thing anyone's ever said to a glass of Laphroaig..... 


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