JOHN WALKER PRIVATE COLLECTION 2017 JOHN WALKER PRIVATE COLLECTION 2017 World's best selling Scotch whiskey brand Johnnie Walker, launched this month, the new ultra premium John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2017 - Mastery of Oak.

Master Blender Jim Beveridge bottled only 5,588 individually numbered decanters for the fourth series of Johnnie Walker Private Collection.

Secret minds: Jim Beveridge draw a mindmap of taste of his latest release .....

Since 2014 they mark each year the innovative spirit as well as the craft of blenders behind their prestigious Johnnie Walker blends.

A journey of taste and styles
As with previous releases, Master Blender Jim Beveridge was assisted by Aimee Gibson, this time he has chosen to focus on a specific aspect of what he describes as "a journey of taste and styles", each symbolizes the philosophy of the blending Johnnie Walker.

JOHN WALKER PRIVATE COLLECTION 2017 2“The first two releases marked and investigated the nature of the distillery”, explained  Beveridge. "In the first release, we looked at "smoke ", in the second we investigated rare fruits. Last year we took a different approach and we focus to enhance the role of oak wood to honey sweet.

"This year we deepen that theme further, but this time it focuses on showing oak-rich fruit. It's more about how the wood matures our whiskys. "

The Johnnie Walker Private Collection 2017 consists of three vattings. One is a selection of grain and malt whiskys, all mainly matured on first-fill American oak barrels with a single rejuvenation, to clear the taste of American oak.

The second fitting is of single malts from the Scottish Highlands and Speyside in refill casks matured to taste the individual character of the distillery.

"We also wanted this one was different from the classical expressions of distilleries" said Beveridge. "This was an opportunity to move forward by choosing whiskys that have aged longer." This setting added the beautiful exotic and complex fruit of characters.

Johnnie Walker’s secret project “The Matrix”

The last component is composed of whiskys from the experimental vessels of the innovative program the 'Matrix'. This complex research project is divided into five groups. Over 400 casks are involved.
Most are American oak, some vessels are burned differently and / or other heads.

Another group is that of the "salted" barrels, pre-conditioned with a salt that the nature of the chemistry of the wood changes when the vessel is roasted, allowing lower temperatures and more concentrated characters can be produced.

"They were too intense when they were young," says Jim Beveridge, 'but now we have left them for years, they have another remarkable intensity."


All the barrels were filled with a blend of grain and malt whiskys, some quite young, others much older. Two different cask strength were used.

"Every whisky begins full of the promise of his distillery character," conclude Beveridge. "Oak barrels offer us an amazing number of ways to distinguish these styles as they mature, in order to broaden our palette of flavors to blend.

"The fact that there only a modest number of bottles of Johnnie Walker Private Collection 2017 must been available, frees our minds," he added. "It allows us to use all sorts of beautiful casks, where we normally couldn’t  work with."

The 2017 edition of the Johnnie Walker Private Collection is a gorgeous whiskey and one that has an incredible balance and complexity. The intricate blend gives the whisky a nice flavor profile and depth, without being too powerful or woody.

The addition of water gives definitely a highlight - the herbs are gentle, but retain their own character, while the sweet tones become very fudgy and delicate. Whisky they've sampled this fourth release is the favorite among whisky connoisseurs and that brings us to the curious question what will bring us the fifth edition.
It will most likely be a collectors item, which will sadly hardly be tasted by the Johnnie Walker fans.

John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2017 Edition 'Mastery of Oak'
is bottled at 46.8% ABV consists of only 5,588 individually numbered decanters worldwide, only available at selected liquor stores and easily purchased online. Do not wait too long because sold=sold and unfortunately there are not many decanters available for the Netherlands


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