Hunter Laing Hepburns Choice tobermory ledaig inchgower glencadam

From the honorable Hunter Laing Old Malt Cask label we have received two special whiskys, an older barrel which is only rarely bottled in such old age and a nice winner of 1996.

Hunter Laing Hepburn's Choice bottlings are single casks that are filled at 46%. This new quartet is characterized by diversity. Smoky to floral scent with strawberries and vanilla cream ...... hmmmmmmmm!

In addition, Hunter Laing bottled under the Kill Devil Label some beautiful single cask rums, of which the two oldest are respectively 24 and 25 years old , can they match with an equally old whisky? In terms of price in any case!


Hunter Laing: Old Malt Cask

First, a Hunter Laing: Old Malt Cask Inchmurrin 1984. This whisky comes from the Loch Lomond distillery and becomes rarely bottled at a higher age. Classic nose of an older barrel with the smell of old books, sweet oak and summer fruits. A speciality.

The 2nd whiskey Hunter Laing: Old Malt Cask is Ben Nevis from 1996 sherry cask. Spices and minerals with green herbs and sweet olive oil. A winner.

Hunter Laing: Hepburn’s Choice

Hepburn's Choice bottlings are single casks that are filled to 46%. This new quartet is characterized by diversity.

The Smoky & Peaty 2008, a heavily peated whisky Hunter Laing: Hepburn's Choice Tobermory / Ledaig. Ginger, seaweed, peat, pickled vegetables and brown sugar make this a very tasteful whisky.

The same goes for Hunter Laing: Hepburn's Choice DAILUAINE 2007. This whisky comes from a former sherrycask and tastes like mascarpone, plums caramel, raisins in honey and licorice.

The Hunter Laing: Hepburn's Choice Inchgower 2008 is finished in a wine barrel. The nose is very summery with glazed cake and berry pie, strawberry and brown sugar with cinnamon.

The 4th is a Hunter Laing: Hepburn's Choice Glencadam in 2004. Floral scents with strawberries and vanilla cream. Later, a little more to cherries. Lovely.

Hunter Laing Kill Devil Rum Nicaragua Enmore Stills Trinidad 24 y Jamaican MonymuskHunter Laing: Kill Devil Rum

Under the label Kill Devil, Hunter Laing bottles a beautiful single cask rum. The 11-year-old Hunter Laing: Kill Devil Rum Nicaragua begins with honey with cinnamon, then creamy vanilla and light cigar smoke. The finish is deliciously creamy and sweet spicy.

The Hunter Laing: Kill Devil Rum 12 years old Jamaican Monymusk is a personal favorite. Bananas and grapes with chocolate. Later on white spices with a hint of smoke. Spicy and sweet at the same time.

The other 2 Kill Devils are significantly older. The 25-year-old Hunter Laing: Kill Devil Rum Enmore Stills from Guyana is a little gem with hints of oak, brown sugar, berries and cherries. A puff of smoke leads to a long and delicious warming finish.

The Laing Hunter: Kill Devil Rum Trinidad 24 year old is rich in flavor with another trail of smoke. Cocoa and creamy vanilla turn into caramel and nuts. A summer glory.

Fortunately, the "standard" Kill Devil Blended Caribbean Rum also available again.

We will present more special rum in the coming months, but these four are certainly well worth it!

If you are interested in these or other whiskys, cognac, rum, gin or liqueurs, please contact us.


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