Glenturret new core range finally here!The world's best mouser was the Distillery Cat Towser (Born at April 21 1963). In her lifetime, she caught 28,899 mice, plus numerous other unfortunate creatures, such as rats and rabbits. Towser worked for the Glenturret Distillery and she averaged three mice per day until her death on 20 March 1987.  A statue has been erected in the distillery grounds to honour Towser.......

They launched a new World Record and a new core range of Single Malt (and they are finally here)..... watch the New Range and New World Record! (Nederlandse vertaling)

Until recently, only a part of the whisky produced at one of the oldest Scotland’s distillery was bottled and sold as single malt, the majority was destined for blending in The Famous Grouse.

Glenturret owned by The Edrington Group announced the launch of a new core range of single malts back in November 2015.
Just recently it was announced that Douglas Laing & Co will be responsible for distributing this range across Europe.

According to Douglas Laing, Scotland’s oldest distillery produces a wonderful malt whisky and they plan to give this brand the attention it so rightly deserves.
The Glenturret core range comprises of The Glenturret Triple Wood Edition, The Glenturrent Sherry Edition and The Glenturret Peated Edition. All three of which are said to draw on the very best of the distilleries traditional production methods which date back way back to 1775.


Nothing has ever been ordinary about The Glenturret, Scotland’s oldest working distillery. Since its origins among the smugglers and illicit stills of the 18th century, it has had some fascinating stories to tell.
Whisky booms and prohibition might have ruffled its feathers, but The Glenturret scotch malt whisky, still made by hand in the traditional way, weathered all these challenges and has matured into an enduring brand that remains as the only traditionally hand mashed whisky in Scotland.
These days Glenturret’s doors are open to welcome visitors and, as home to The Famous Grouse, the UK’s favourite blended whisky, it’s the perfect place to brush up on your whisky knowledge with a tour of The Famous Grouse Experience, and indulge your passion with a selection of tastings.


glenturret new record range now online for sale

On November 5th 2015 Glenturret Distillery celebrated 240 years of making whisky from its location in Crieff, Perthshire.
Raise a Dram for The Glenturret

On November 5th 2015 reigning Miss Scotland, Mhairi Fergusson and former Red Hot Chilli Piper and General Manager of The Famous Grouse Experience, Stuart Cassells, led 152 people in a World Record Attempt to simultaneous “raise a dram” at Glenturret Distillery in Crieff.
Glenturret Distillery Launches World Record Attempt to Mark 240 Year Anniversary. Stuart Cassells, General Manager at The Famous Grouse Experience with Miss Scotland, Mhairi Fergusson gets the world record attempt underway.

Scotland’s only remaining producer of hand mashed whisky was celebrating 240 years of making whisky By Hand and By Heart. Evidence had to be submitted to Guinness World Records and await official confirmation.
November 5th also saw the earlier mentioned launch of a new core range, which showcases Glenturret’s unrivalled agility in small batch whisky production which enables the distillers to create different taste expressions, offering consumers a clear choice between a Sherry, Triple Wood or Peated malt.

Producing whisky the traditional way since opening its doors as a single malt distillery in 1775, today The Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret Distillery is the most visited distillery in Scotland welcoming over tens of thousands of visitors annually.

Stuart Cassells, General Manager at The Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret Distillery said:

“Our ‘raise a dram’ world record attempt was the perfect way to mark 240 years of Glenturret Distillery, standing alongside members of the public and whisky lovers from the area. We’ve been raising a dram here on this site for 240 years which is incredible. It was great to see everyone come together to celebrate.”


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