""The world disappeared in a brightly glowing ball of fire, and from the ashes a new earth arose""

fire ernst sietseFire giants, Ragnarök, Muspelheim. A world destroyed by and resurrected by flames.

Highland Park was inspired by the myths and legends of the Vikings to supply a limited edition Single malt Scotch Whisky in January.

The Highland Park FIRE Edition is exclusively ripened in barrels which were earlier used for port wine.

The official launch took place today in The Dylan Hotel in Amsterdam and we got a chance to be there. What a beautiful invitation, location and release, WOW!

We received a stunning invitation last week; a black gift box with a Highland Park whisky ribbon made of red satin. Upon opening we saw a candle, two flintstones, some wood wool, a tension rod and an invitation with an ink black backside. The message read: Hold the back of this card over a flame to reveal the secret message. We tried long and hard to make fire like a true Robinson Crusoe, unfortunately without any success.

Luckily, a modern lighter sufficed, ultimately revealing the message on the back. It was the location of the release: Bar Brasserie OCCO in The Dylan Amsterdam! 
The cool part was that the black part closed up again after a couple seconds, concealing the message once more! 

We were greeted today by Sitese Offringa, Brand ambassador Highland Park whisky Europe, who was wearing a beautiful traditional Scottish outfit in the front yard of The Dylan. We enjoyed a delicious Highland Park 12Y cocktail, served from a horn the Vikings of yesteryear used to drink from.

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This whisky follows the ICE Edition of 2016 and completes this  volbrengt this two-part series of special editions.

"It’s the first time they let their whisky ripen in barrels that were used for Port before. The end result is an outspoken 15-year old single malt with an alcohol percentage of 45.2%. The FIRE Edition has a light-red glow, an intense aroma of deep red fruits, is lightly smoky and has a long, lingering aftertaste. It definitely is a real Highland Park.” According to Jason R. Craig, Brand Director Highland Park whisky

Highland Park FIRE Edition

The remarkable red bottle of the FIRE Edition is designed with the rugged, molten world of the fire giants of Viking mythology kept in mind. An accompanying book tells the story of the kingdom of the fire giants and their epic battle against the gods.

The Vikings weren’t used arbitrarily as inspiration. Highland Park was founded on the Orkney Islands in 1798. This northern piece of Scotland, where Highland Park still distils, the name signs next to front doors reveal how closely the history of the Vikings is related to the island group.

The blood of the ancient people runs through the veins of the current inhabitants. Orkney’s rugged grounds, steep cliffs and ancient religions make the islands the scene of Norse legends.

Together with Scottish craftsmanship, the recalcitrant nature and Orkney’s Viking history form the basis of one of the best single malt whiskies in the world.

Highland Park makes a tribute to the mythology of these Northerners with the FIRE and ICE double edition.

Thanks to the Team of Maxxium for the exceptional reception and the inspiring release of the Highland Park Fire!

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FIRE Edition is a limited edition of 28,000 bottles worldwide. In the Netherlands, 2,500 bottles are available.

The FIRE Edition is presented in January during a special tasting in The Dylan Amsterdam, after which the whisky will be available for purchase at better liquor stores. The Highland Park FIRE Edition will exclusively be available at the Bar Brasserie OCCO in The Dylan Amsterdam by the glass and in cocktail drink variations.

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