glenfiddich project xx IPA experimentGlenfiddich rewrites whisky rules with the launch of the experimental series The Glenfiddich IPA experiments  and  Glenfiddich Project XX  redefine the borders in agroundbreaking and daring manner…

World’s most lived and most honoured Scotch single malt whisky introduces The Experimental series: a series of new whiskies that combines the passion for Scotch whiskies with the pioneering character of the brand. A range of  groundbreaking single malts was developed by experimenting and acting outside the box. Check the pictures of the launch in Amsterdam and live the experience…

Today, the first two experiments of the Glenfiddich IPA experiment (India Pale Ale) and Glenfiddich Project XX (twenty) become available, forever rewriting the rules of whisky.
Truly experimenting, finding the limits and rewriting traditions. This all only becomes possible after unlearning the things you already know and by collaborating with likeminded non-conformists who have a similar passion for their trade as you have for yours, the Scot says.
Brian Kingsmen Malt Master at Glenfiddich Single Malt Whisky
The experimental series, which is officially being launched in the Netherlands on October 5, is the symbol of the motive of the brand to step off the beaten path.

The whiskies from the series are all created in collaboration with passionate nonconformists from different fields. Think of brewers and winemakers, but naturally also whisky enthusiasts! For the kick-off of The Experimental Series, Glenfiddich releases two new whiskies: the IPA Experiment and Project XX.
glenfiddich project xx IPA experiment 8Glenfiddich IPA Experiment: The first single malt scotch with finish in IPA barrels
Brian Kinsman used the traditional barrels in an unusual way in this experiment. First of all, a new IPA beer was created in collaboration with Scottish brewer Speyside Craft Brewery, in which Glenfiddich whisky barrels were used for the finish. After bottling the new Glenfiddich IPA, the same barrels were re-used for finishing Glenfiddich.

The result?
A lively taste of citrus, followed by a soft sweet tone of vanilla with a hint of fresh hops. Not only did this created a new craft India Pale Ale, but also the world’s first single malt Scotch IPA whisky.
Project XX: 20 whisky experts, one unexpected whisky
Project XX consists of an XXL collaboration, in which twenty international Glenfiddich ambassadors were challenged to create a single surprising whisky. They came together in the warehouses of Glenfiddich, flying from all over the world, and developed a combination of twenty barrels of their preference, under the supervision of Brian Kinsman. A reference to this collaboration can be seen on the bottle, depicting a fingerprint which is a combination of all fingerprints of the ambassadors. Tony van Rooyen, ambassador of the Netherlands, also got to pick his own barrel. He told us he thought an American oak barrel was the most beautiful.
With this method, various whisky ages, barrels and ripings come together to create a single new whisky, edited by Malt Master Kinsman. The ease of choice results into an unparalleled whisky: Project XX(twenty). Project XX has a refined and balanced flavour. It reminds one of the sweetness of candy floss, with touches of vanilla and wood.

About Glenfiddich
No single malt Scotch whisky is celebrated as much worldwide as the ones from Glenfiddich. For five generations, the family distillery stays true to its groundbreaking ideology, enabling the creation of superior whisky. Water from the Robbie Dhu source gives this single malt its unique, fresh flavour. The own coopers maintain the oak wood barrels used to ripen the whisky, and the Malt Master Brian Kinsman guarantees the quality of the whisky, as it’s been done for five generations.

glenfiddich project xx IPA experiment 1 glenfiddich project xx IPA experiment 3 glenfiddich project xx IPA experiment 9

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