Four Roses Single Barrel Limited EditionJust outside Lawrenceburg, in the rural Anderson County, you can find the Four Roses Distillery. The Four Roses Distillery is an architectural gem that might as well be located in Spain.

It strongly resembles a 16th century mission station, complete with characteristic arches, red roofs and even a bell tower. Eleven completely different types of bourbon whiskey are produced in the Four Roses Distillery .....

Eleven completely different types of bourbon whiskey are produced in the Four Roses Distillery by using different grain types (in addition to corn, rye, barley also wheat), multiple yeasts and different time-temperature combinations 

A unique blend with an exceptionally warm, fruity and gentle flavour that captures the style of American bourbon. The blend consists of 11 completely different bourbon whiskies where it gets its beautiful palette of flavours from. A blend that then ripened for 8 years in new, charred oak barrels.

The full American influences are clearly present and can definitely be tasted. The most prominent flavours we taste are vanilla, soft fruit and especially the apricot with many non-dominant fruit tones.

A sublime and balanced flavour with exceptional aromas of fresh flowers and fresh fruit. The long and gentle typical American aftertaste with the long-lasting vanilla is delicious and very pleasant.
The amber colour and the logo with the four roses is a characteristic that has been known for centuries as the American greatness among the whiskies.

History Four Roses Bourbon

About the name Four Roses Bourbon many stories are told. The most romantic and plausible story is about a young man who owned a whiskey distillery. This young man Paul Jones Jr. fell in love with a "southern belle" and asked her to marry him. They agreed that she would respond by waering a corsage at the next ball. This usage originated from the "Victorian flower language", a language who used flowers to communicate. In this case, a corsage of three red roses mean a rejection, four red roses imply she will marry him. Fortunately for Paul Jones Jr. she wore a corsage of four red roses. According to the legend he named his whiskey to this corsage in honor of this happy event. The name Four Roses was created.

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Already in 1860 Four Roses was produced in Atlanta in Georgia. In relation to the prohibition in 1884 Paul Jones Jr. moved the distillery to Louisville, Kentucky. The distillery is located in the quiet countryside near Lawrenceburg on the banks of the Salt River. In all tranquility the different whiskeys are here distilled to form the heart of the Four Roses assortment and mature many years in oak barrels.

During Prohibition in the thirties alcoholic beverages were not allowed to sold in America. Four Roses was allowed with a doctor's prescription. It's no coincidence that the free translation of the word whiskey therefor is called 'water of life'!

10 different recipes

Four Roses Bourbon is unique in the world. One of the main differences with other bourbon distilleries is that Four Roses uses ten different recipes. Where other bourbons typically use only one recipe, Four Roses is the result of merging different recipes. As a result, Four Roses is the only one producing a substantially constant taste. Every time again. The ten formulations differ from each other by making use of different cereals, different yeasts and different relative proportions. Each recipe has its own flavor characteristics and is aged for at least five years in new oak barrels burned. 

Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition 2016 online usaDe Four Roses 2016 Limited Edition Small Batch
Each year he creates an Limited edition Small Batch from the most stunning barrels of Four Roses.
Contains three unique Four Roses Bourbons, in wich 3 of the 10 distilleries recipies are represented.

16-year old OESK recepy
12-year old OBSV recepy
12-year old OESO recepy

Vital Stats: 111.2 proof. Blend of 12- and 16-year bourbons. 75% corn; 20% rye, 5% malted barley.

The Master Distiller of Four Roses

Since 1995 is Jim Rutledge of Four Roses the master distiller. As a member of the Bourbon Hall of Fame monitored Jim's character, the quality and consistency of each barrel Four Roses Bourbon whiskey. In the distillation process that follows each stage is critical. It requires not only the eyes, ears and hands as well as the heart and soal. Day after day, Jim is passionate about the ten Four Roses creations, he monitors the maturation of whiskey blenders job and the individual species to constant product qualities. Jim had actually should retire but because of his track record and excellent qualities he may decide  by himself till what age he wants to work.

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Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition 2016 online


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