johnnie walker blue label blade runner
If you have difficulty with tracking epic Bollywood storylines of Johnnie Walker, remember that it's all about the one and only whisky Johnnie Walker, where the good guys are drinking the Red Label and the bad guys Black Label.

When it comes to your guests, you make the choice .....



Johnnie Walker Red Label 1820 is fresh and spicy with a smoky aftertaste.

Jhonnie Walker Red Label blends well with ginger ale. In a highball glass filled with ice, 50ml JWRL, filling with ginger ale, garnish with a slice of lime!
Serve with pretzels or salty crackers!

Johnnie Walker Black Label was shown in the classical vision of the bleak future in Blade Runner.
Johnnie Walker Black Label on the other hand has a full body with a smoky aftertaste.

Delicious drink in a tumbler glass with ice possibly filling with soda, or mix with ginger ale that's nice for both!
Serve with dried fruit and a delicious variety of nuts.

Fortunately, there are also many Johnnie Walker variants with a different story line, we can not get enough ...

Johnnie Walker Odessey 40%

Master Blender Jim Beveridge has selected the best malts from three distilleries, which he 'hidden treasures' mentioned, and which was manufactured the first triple malt Scotch whiskey Johnnie Walker & Sons. John Walker & Sons Odyssey is offered in a prestigious crystal decanter, based on a design from shipping in 1932 by Sir Alexander Walker.

Tasting Notes Johnnie Walker Odyssey

Johnnie Walker Odyssey Triple Malt Blend (40%)
Smell: The aroma is very rich and glamorous with hints of honey, berries and caramel.
Taste: The taste is full and inviting - fresh citrus to rich berries, suppleness which produces honey into the creamy taste of caramel.
Finish: Finally, the smooth aftertaste, persistent and smoky - you will never forget.

Johnnie Walker® Odyssey ™ can best be drunk pure or with a splash of pure water.

Johnnie Walker Odyssey

Johnnie Walker Odyssey


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