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Grand Marnier is a liqueur first made by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle in 1880. The liqueur resembles triple sec. It is a mix made of brandy, distilled essence of orange and other ingredients. 

Grand Marnier has a relatively high alcohol percentage, 40%. It can be drunk neat, but it can also be used for a cocktail. Grand Marnier can easily be recognised by its special brown bottle. The bottle shows an old-fashioned red brand sign.

Grand Marnier is a liqueur that’s great after meals. Grand Marnier is a very popular drink among liqueurs. There are different varieties, such as Yellow Label, Black Label, Cherry Marnier, 100, 50 and Quintessence. The standard version is also called the Red Label. Some varieties are not
available everywhere.



Chocolate fondue Grand Marnier as dessert with pieces of fruit and cake

• 20-30 mins.

225 gr pure chocolate, in pieces, 3 dl whipped cream, 2 el Grand Marnier (of your choice) 25 gr butter.

A truly special dessert that will steal the show. Delicious to dip in with cake, cookies, mandarins, strawberries, banana slices or pieces or orange. All guests stick their fondue fork into a piece of fruit or cake and dip it in the fondue. Whoever loses their piece has to do the dishes.

Preparation Chocolate fondue Grand Marnier
• Place the chocolate, cream and Grand Marnier in a fondue pan or pan with a heavy bottom. Heat it slowly until everything has melted: stir often.
• Arrange the fruit and cake on a large plate. Stir the butter through the fundue until melted. Place the fondue pan on a burner.
• All guests stick their fondue fork into a piece of fruit or cake and dip it in the fondue. Whoever loses their piece has to do the dishes.

grand marnier cuvee du cent cinquantenaire 150 Crepe Suzette with Grand Marnier
• 10-20 mins.

2 thin flapjacks per person. 100 gr. Butter, 100 gr. custer sugar, 2 oranges, vanilla icecream, 1 shot glass of orange liqueur Grand Marnier

Crepe Suzette with Grand Marnier in orange sauce. My most delicious dessert. Tip: use a Pancake mix for this. Very easy if you only need a couple of flapjacks.

Preparation Crepe Suzette with Grand Marnier
Grate the peel of a well-scrubbed orange and squeeze out both oranges. Melt the butter and stir the sugar through. Add the orange gratings and the juice. Pour half of the Grand Marnier in. add the flapjacks and let it slowly get nice and warm. Use the other half of the Grand Marnier to flambé the flapjacks. I always pour the Grand Marnier into a spoon and then light it. Pour it over the flapjacks. Serve with some ice.  A true culinary highlight!

Chocolate mousse Grand Marnier
• Dutch dessert
• 0-10 mins.

100 grams of pure chocolate (for the best effect: highest cacao-percentage possible)
1 egg white
100 ml whipped cream
50 g sugar
Pinch of sea salt
2 tablespoons liqueur Grand Marnier
Two no-grease trays, a mixer, a spoon and a microwavable little bowl.

A great tasting chocolate mousse with Grand Marnier to impress visitors or treat yourself. Very quick and easy dish. You almost can’t fail!

Preparation Chocolate mousse Grand Marnier
Break the chocolate into little pieces and melt these in a bowl in the microwave, about 100 seconds on 600 Watt. Melting bain-marie is also possible, just make sure to keep stirring so the chocolate won’t melt.

Separate an egg and place the egg white in a no-grease tray. This is important, because the egg white otherwise won’t set. Beat the egg white with a mixer until very stiff and peaks remain in it. Then, mix it at a lower setting and add the salt followed by slowly adding sugar. Preferably one tablespoon at a time. This way, the sugar will be absorbed well and the chocolate mousse will be more stiff. Once all sugar is mixed, turn the mixer to a high setting and beat the mix another minute.
Beat the whipped cream in another bowl. If you want to use Grand Marnier liqueur, add it right before the whipped cream is beaten stiff. This will give your chocolate mousse a very special flavour. The whipped cream is stiff when ripples remain. Make sure you don’t beat the whipped cream too long, because it will turn lumpy.
Scoop the whipped cream and add it to the egg white. Then carefully stir it with a spoon until mixed. It’s important to do this carefully, so you don’t beat the air out of the mousse. Then add the chocolate and carefully stir until the chocolate mousse has a uniform colour.
Pour the Grand Marnier chocolate mousse into two pretty glasses and place them in the refrigerator for at least three hours to properly harden the chocolate mousse.

Serving tips Chocolate mousse Grand Marnier
Serve the chocolate mousse with a mint leaf as a garnish. You can make the Grand Marnier chocolate mousse a day before. I wouln’t let it sit for more than a day because of the added egg white.

Canard a l'orange Grand Marnier
• Main course
• 60-120 mins.

INGREDIENTS 4 PEOPLE Canard a l'orange Grand Marnier
4 tame duck breast fillets, pepper, salt, 2 oranges, 1 lemon, 180 grams of sugar, 1.5 tablespoons of Grand Marnier, 5dl duck/chicken sock, 1 teaspoon cornstarch, 1 tablespoon of butter.
Zester/peeler/cheese grater, sieve, pan, frying pan, sharp blade.
Tender duck breast in a Grand Marnier orange sauce, a delicious classic recipe to go all out with.

Preparation Canard a l'orange Grand Marnier
Cut the peel off the oranges and the lemon with the zester/peeler/cheese grater, and leave in the white part for now. Remove this white part with a sharp knife and throw it out. Then cut the pulp and make sure you keep most of the juice. Heat the butter in a pan with high sides and add the peels of the oranges and lemons to it. Heat this a couple of minutes on a low flame and add the sugar. Turn up the flame and keep stirring until the sugar dissolves a bit and just starts to discolour. Stir the cut pulp through, along with the Grand Marnier. Let this slowly boil until the liquid evaporated.

Then pour in the duck/chicken stock and bring to a boil. Let the pan slowly boil on a low flame for 45 minutes, with the lid on. Then rub the stock through a sieve and discard the remaining pulp and peels. Put the sauce aside.

Spice the duck breast fillets with pepper and salt and heat some butter in the frying pan. Fry the duck breast fillets in this for 3.5 minutes each side. Take the meat out of the pan and let it rest while covered for some minutes.

Bring the sauce to a boil again and stir the corn starch through with some hot sauce. Stir this through the Grand Marnier sauce and add some flavour with pepper and salt if necessary. The Grand Marnier sauce has the right consistency if it sticks to the back side of a spoon.

Cut the meat into thin slices and place these on preheated plates. Pour some of the Grand Marnier sauce over the meat on each plate.
Serving tips Canard a l'orange Grand Marnier
Lovely with some pommes duchesse and a simple salad of lettuce.

Perfect for Christmas! Duck breast fillet with diving Grand Marnier orange sauce

grand marnier cuvee du cent cinquantenaire 150 • Dutch main course
• 30-60 mins.

- 4 duch breast fillets
- 1,5 dl orange juice
- 2 table spoons grand marnier
- 0,5 dl ginger syrup
- 2 table spoons orange jam
- 1 orange
- 2 teaspoons potato flour
- salt, pepper
- 50 grams butter or margarine
Frying pan

Preparation duck breast fillet with divine Grand Marnier orange sauce
- Heat the butter in a frying pan.
- Fry the duck breasts brown, about 4 mins each side.
- Take the fillets out of the pan and add 2 table spoons of Grand Marnier to the baking grease.
- Stir loose all residues in the pan.
- Stir the orange juice, ginger syrupand orange jam through and bring to a boil.
- Place the duck breast fillets in the sauce and let it slowly cook for about 6 minutes, turn halfway.
- Wash the orange and cut it into four pieces for the garnish.
- Duck breast fillet out of the pan and keep warm in aluminium foil and let it rest.
- Stir smooth the potato flour with 2 table spoons of water. Add this mix to the Grand Marnier sauce in the pan.
- Add flavour with salt and pepper.
- Put the duck breast fillets on plates and pour over the Grand Marnier sauce.

Garnish with a orange slice. Serving tup Duck breast fillet with divine Grand Marnier orange sauce. Serve with potato croquettes and chicory or broccoli.



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