David Stirk Creative Whisky Company exclusive malts

The Creative Whisky Company is a young company, but David Stirk proves that age is not everything. In new bottles with fancy new labels, David  once again is sending some very attractive whiskeys to the Netherlands.

David Stirk has been restyling his Exclusive Malts series. The new bottles with fancy new labels  fortunately still containing very attractive whiskey of very high quality.

What's new in Exclusive Malts Serie David Stirk:

The Tomintoul 2006 Exclusive Malts comes from a refill sherry hogshead. Besides the fruity, creamy and spicy notes this Tomintoul also has fudge, caramel and milk chocolate. In the aftertaste there is a hint of coffee. The heavily peated Tobermory (Ledaig) 2005 Exclusive Malts opens with red and earthy tones. Burned wood with berry and cherry,  finishing with peat and white pepper. Delicious on a rainy day like today.

The same goes for the Exclusive Malts Caol Ila uit 2005. It starts with peat, salt and seaweed. Later, more herbs and a nice fruity tone. A top Islay whiskey.

Irish 2003 Exclusive Malts comes from a refill sherry hogshead. Brown sugar with sultanas. Toffee and warming spices give this whiskey even more character. An Irish winner.

The Linkwood 1997 Exclusive Malts

is a floral and grassy whisky with citrus tones, clove and light gingerbread. A true Speysider, nowadays not so often found.
The latest Exclusive Malt is a grain whisky. This Port Dundas 1991 Exclusive Malts is 25 years old and has all the goodness of the oak taken into her during that period. Sweet bread, nuts and butterscotch toffee and light pepper.

The Tastingnotes of these Creative Whisky Company independent bottler Whisky's

David Stirk Creative Whisky Company exclusive malt

Exclusive Malts Tomintoul 2006 10 y.o. 57.2%

Nose: creamy and spicy with fudge and milk chocolate
Taste: more influences of the white oak with spices mixed with lilacs and red fruit. Later, more caramel and traces of coffee.
Finish: long and spicy with fresh red fruit.

Exclusive Malts Irish 2003 12 y.o. 52.6%

Nose: it has sherry brown sugar and sultanas left.
Taste: Delicate with delicious fruit that prevails. Then more toffee and warming spices
Finish: Lovely long and full of character

Exclusive Malts Ledaig 2005 10 y.o. 56.6%

Nose: The nose opens with smoke, wet moss and peat. Earthy with stained wood. Then come the fruit with a light sea breeze.
Taste: Spicy with peat. The fruitiness comes forward with lemons and grapefruit and finally a small addition of berries.
Finish: White pepper, peat and slightly dry.

Exclusive Malts Port Dundas 1991 25 y.o. 55.6%

Nose: Sweet bread, cereal and light vanilla. Light nuts and butterscotch
Taste: Creamy toffee, Freshly baked vanilla cake, nuts, and again at the end still some peppery
Finish: Long and lean with nuts

Exclusive Malts Caol Ila 2005 10 y.o. 55.6%

Nose: Peat, peat and sweet seaweed. Later there are also slight spice in the nose
Taste: Spicy and smoky tones with pleasant fruit. Later on peppery white with herbs
Finish: a lingering finish, dry and spicy

Exclusive Malts Linkwood 1997 19 y.o. 54.2%

Nose: Floral and grassy, ​​a touch of citrus passes with mild spices
Taste: Weather spicy with cloves and light lemon cake. Later, the pepper gives the kernel of this flavorful whisky
Finish: Long and spicy with citrus.

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