David Stirk Creative Whisky Company single cask

Ahead of the upcoming whiskyseason we've got some great independent bottlings from the new label of The Creative Whisky Company, selected by David Stirk.

He has transformed his passion for the wonderful single malt whisky to his profession, for many years he tasted,  purchased casks, botteled, packaged, talked and wrote about malt whisky!

Single Cask Exclusives
Bottling great whiskey, one cask at a time ...

The Creative Whisky Company honnours her name.
Under the new Single Casks Exclusives label both single malt and single grain whiskys are bottled in a nice, heavy bottle, with beautiful designed labels.

And perhaps the best news is that the prices are very attractive ....


The Single Cask Exclusives of The Creaive Whisky Company are single cask bottlings. So every whiskey comes from a specially selected barrel. The distillery name is not on the label, but is marked by a code where the whisky originated from.

For example, the code GT001 stands for the first barrel which is bottled in the Glentauchers Distillery. This whiskey from 2007 comes from a first fill sherry butt and does not only have a lot of color, but also a lot of flavor. Berries and cherries with yogurt fruit and oak.

The 2nd single malt in this series comes from an 8 year old barrel of the Ardmore Distillery This Peated Highland whisky is pretty peated,  has a nose of freshly ironed linen, sausages, black pudding and smoked extinguished fire. In the mouth the peat takes over.

The 3rd whiskey is a 10 year old single grain whisky from the North British Distillery in Edinburgh. This whisky is surprisingly full of flavor with, inter alia, old wood, beeswax, yellow fruit, vanilla and white chocolate.

The Creative Whisky Company tastings with David Stirk have already  proven that these whiskys are very popular,...... so be quick!


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