David Bowies Favorit Drink Schelvispekel Music icon David Bowie died this week at the relatively young age of 69 years, a great artist, composer, singer and actor. His death shocked the world, memories of Davis Bowie's past emerge..

In 1974, David Bowie visits the Netherlands and participates in the popular program "TopPop".
He celoerates his obtained Edison with his favorite drink .....Dutch Schelvispekel!

Watch the video and go back in time.....bring a toast to the life of David Bowie ....

So on occasion when the British singer received the Edison for his album Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, Ad Visser served a glass of traditional Dutch Schelvispekel, a drink which he was fond of.

Distillery Van Toor is an old Vlaardings business that dates back to the year 1883. The famous Haddock Brine and Oranjebitter then being fired, are still prepared in this traditional way. There are no fragrances and dyes to pass; they are the pure ingredients that provide the surprisingly delicious taste of the products of Van Toor. Distiller Leo Fountain, stokes there Haddock Brine, like the one used traditionally.

Ad Visser, the presenter of the program had already met him at his home in Engelend in 1967. They had that year a nice interview about art, music and life in general. The more fun it was that Ad Visser him in that broadcast the Edison for Ziggy could give and they toast with the typical Dutch drink Schelvispekel off Van Toor Distillery in Vlaardingen, which they previously already had been drinking together in england.
Ad knew it was not available in England, but that David Bowie really liked it very much ..... So they celebrate and toast with the whole audience with the Dutch fisherman drink Schelvispekel on winning the Edison.

Let us in these sad days toast again at the life of David Bowie!



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