The focus of many whiskey enthusiasts is solely for the Single Malt Whisky category. But if you find yourself limited to just that category, you'll miss some great whiskeys. Among companies that blend amazing whiskeys is Compass Box. John Glaser The whiskey maker from Compass Box. He came last Monday, May 9th special to the Netherlands to tell his story and we were invited to be there!

In the last few months, Compass Box also got the whiskey world talking about their Transparency Campaign .... they were told mentioning ages of their whiskeys is illegal ..... View now LIVE VIDEO From JOHN GLASER in The Netherlands and join the fight with 1 minute of your time!

Compass Box Enlightenment

Compass Box Eigenaar and Whiskymaker John Glaser explanes:
‘Since launching the Compass Box Whisky Co., we have always believed that the more information we can share with our customers about the Scotch whisky we produce, the better. Unfortunately, it recently became clear that our beliefs fall foul of current EU and UK regulations, which specifically prohibit us from sharing information about the age of the component whiskies we use with our customers. All our Limited Editions are special but with this one there is an added purpose – to draw attention to the issues with the current regulations and encourage the industry to respond.’

compassbox enlightenment limited edition now online for sale 250To support this campaign there 's a special new Limited Edition version called "Enlightenment" launched and that's when the problem is also equally clear ...... everyone would still like to know which components there is in his whiskey, even with the Johnnie Walker Blue label and Famous Grouse we do not know .....

The Enlightenment Compass Box says John Glaser is made of four different whiskeys:

48.2% from the Clynelish Distillery in First Fill American Standard Barrels.
36.7% from the Glentauchers Distillery in First Fill American Standard Barrels.
10.8% from the Balblair Distillery in First Fill American Standard Barrels.
4.3%  from the Mortlach Distillery in Rejuvenated American Standard Barrels.

.... And we would also like to tell the ages of the various casks of whiskeys and that is precisely illegally by ancient rules of British law, once created to protect the Scotch Whisky market by agreeing that only the youngest whisky may be mentioned.

Compass Box age indications are illegal - Join them "To Break the Law"! (1 minute of your time)
compass box transparency campaign

John Glaser is a great enthusiastic storyteller: "So we know the entire background of this Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, but unfortunately we have no idea how long have located the whiskeys to make this wonderful whiskey.
Hopefully this new release people to thinking and see the benefits of sharing this information!

Compass Box chose the name of the Enlightenment with a double reason. In the first place, it is a light, clear whiskey. But the clue to the time of the Enlightenment is clear. Compass Box converts openly questioned the current regulatory whiskey and hopes that many people recognize that it lacks logic of these rules and that those rules be amended. When the Transparency campaign was launched early this year, there was every 30 seconds a voice to join. Join them to, with one minute of your time! "

Compass Box Enlightenment will be available from May 10, 2016 in Europe and from June 1, 2016 in the United States. This limited release of 5922 bottles bottled at 46% ABV

Compass Box The Circus Limited now online for sale And what's the story behind Compass Box The Circus???

Enlightenment is not the only new release of Compass Box. We also want to introduce you with The Circus.
Generally blended whiskey made by blending old whiskey for a relatively short period, after which it will be bottled. In some cases, the blended whiskey is put back into the barrels to continue to mature and go to a nice "marriage". This ensures that the different types of whiskey really be one.

The Circus Compass Box were three types Blended Whisky using which still play a Star of years to be a great whiskey. The whiskey for ripening for a long time, is a completely unique new blend made, so seamless and complex that it resembles a single component. This uniqueness is what Compass Box inspired to call this whiskey The Circus. Indeed, the best moments of the circus of life, have the power, if only for a moment, to stop time standing and this beautiful "circus moments" will increasingly do back our longing for the times that life is beautiful was ....... enjoy do not wait too long, John Glaser has brought to the Netherlands only 300 bottles of Compass Box The Circus!

The Whole Compass Box Range

View here the entire range of beautiful Compass BOX and do not forget to join the Transparency Campaign!

compassbox range now online for sale


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