Berry Bros Rudd own selectionBerry Bros. Rudd is one of the oldest companies in London and has been located on St. James's Street 3 in the heart of the city since 1698. They still bottle very beautiful whiskys and rum.

A.D. Rattray is not a new young company, but is a baby compared to Berrys'. They have also, in addition to new batches of the popular Cask Islay and Stronachie, bottled very attractive whiskys.

Two delicious younger whiskys to start with
Berrys' Own Selection Miltonduff 2009 comes from a large distillery that owner Chivas Brothers exclusively uses for the better blends like Chivas Regal and Ballantine's. Rarely a few barrels are available and that is a shame. This is a spicy whisky that later turns to orange fruit and anise and pepper. Delicious.

Also the Berrys' Own Selection Glenlossie 2007 comes from a "workhorse" but now from Johnnie Walker. Glenlossie is also rarely bottled as single malt. Dusty jute with lots of herbs go into honey and cream. More spices will come up later. A very special dram indeed.

Berry Bros Rudd own selectionBerry Bros Rudd own selection The Berrys' Own Selection North British 1996 is a 20 year old grain whisky, and it's a very tasteful one. The sherry barrel has given the whisky a lot of taste and smell, such as marmalade, exotic fruit and roasted nuts. More fruit sugar and coffee will come later. A remarkably strong whisky.

The four of them are the Berrys' Own Selection Bunnahabhain 1990. This Islay whiskey has a beautifully scented nose with apples, grapes and citrus. The taste is very rich with lots of fruit, herbs from the wood and at the end the smoky Islay influences. A topper.

Two new varieties of this Single Estate rum from Mauritsius
Two new variants of this Single Estate rum from Mauritsius have arrived. The Penny Blue VSOP is new in the Netherlands. Marmalade with melon and cloves turn into lush red fruit with cedar wood and spices. The finish is slightly drying and rich in herbs. This is a real honest and distinctive rum.

The older Penny Blue XO batch 5 comes naturally from the same Medine distillery. The nose gives honey, hearty fruit and Oriental spices. Orange, passion fruit, light tannin and more herbs give a lot of taste and experience.

Both rums are "small batch". So quickly again.

A.D. Rattray (formerly also known as Dewar Rattray)

ad rattray independent bottlers now online for saleNowadays A.D. Rattray is a very high-quality bottler that bottles very nice single cask whiskys alongside Cask Islay and Stronachie.

The A.D. Rattray Orkney 2002 is a 15 year old whisky that comes from the Highland Park distillery. Citrus fruit with vanilla covered with soft smoke. Later more pepper, paprika powder with lime and butterscotch. A really good Highland Park.

An old Ardmore is very special. This A.D. Rattray Ardmore 1996 also falls into this category. Burnt pork with fresh bread, crystallized ginger, rye bread and white pepper. The aftertaste is a combination of sweet cookies and peat smoke.

A.D. Rattray Glen Grant 1995 is a classic speysider with raspberry jelly, berries and cherries. Drying oak with nuts and earth tones.

Willamson 2005 is formally a "blended Malt". A term that prevents us from calling this whisky Laphroaig. But it has a taste of wood smoke, moss and peat with cigar ash. Sage and aniseed change into medicinal characters and natural peat. A wonderful powerhouse.

The Vintage Cask Collection is the superlative of the A.D. Rattray bottlings.
Exclusive old bottlings in a special bottle and nice box.

A.D.Rattray single cask whiskysA.D.Rattray single cask whiskysThe A.D. Rattray Bowmore 1990 is unmistakably smoky and peaty with sea influences but also tobacco, and gunpowder. Lemon combines with salted butter and liquorice. This whiskey is brilliantly balanced with a fantastic aftertaste.

Our personal favorite is A.D. Rattray Longmorn 1985. Freshly cut apple, roasted coconut, strawberries with cream, peach and white chocolate. Later more herbs with oregano and thyme which beautifully combines with vanilla icing.

Please Note; very few bottles of both whiskys are available!

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The taste notes and prices of these whiskys

Berry Bros & Rudd Miltonduff 2009 7 y.o. 46.0%
Nose: a herbaceous loaded nose that turns into soft ripe fruit with a hint of anise.
Taste: Develops well with Orange and other Citrus fruits.
Finish: Very soft and common aftertaste with recurring herbs such as anise and pepper.
Price: € 62.90


Berry Bros & Rudd Bunnahabhain 1990 26 y.o. 47.8%
Nose: Beautifully scented with apples, old grape vines, orange citrus fruits.
Taste: Very rich and full of more lively fruit notes.
Finish: Woody herbs with smoke in the background.
Price: € 226.90

A.D. Rattray Williamson 2005 12 y.o. 56.4% Bourbon Barrel
Nose: Burned oak, mossy peat and cigar ash.
Taste: dry oak, sage and aniseed.
Finish: spicy spicy finish with unmistakable medicinal hints. What a hunk
Price: € 131.90

A.D. Rattray Glen Grant 1995 22 y.o. 53.2% Bourbon hogshead
Nose: Raspberry jelly, sour cherry, red berries and rose blossom.
Taste: Soft and mild, with pear dipped in honey.
Finish: Dry with oak, cashew nuts and a light, grassy aftertaste.
Price: € 164.90

Berry Bros & Rudd Glenlossie 2007 9 y.o. 46.0%
Nose: Dusty jute bags in a warehouse filled with herbs. In addition, a subtle hint of yellow fruit topped with honey.
Taste: Playful with a creamy texture when the fruit and herbs mix.
Finish: Spices seem to have the last word and the whiskey has a soft, lingering aftertaste .
Price: € 75.90

Berry Bros & Rudd Penny Blue VSOP Mauritian Rum 4 y.o. 40.0%
Nose: Marmalade with melon peel and hints of herbs such as clove.
Taste: Soft and lush with candied fruit, cedar and spices.
Finish: Dry and woody, but rich in herbs. This is a real, honest and distinctive rum for real rum drinkers.
Price: € 29.90

A.D. Rattray Orkney 2002 15 y.o. 58,2% Bourbon Hogshead
Nose: Lemon, with a hint of more yellow Citrus fruit soft smoke and vanilla.
Taste: Butterscotch with pepper, paprika and a touch of lime.
Finish: Waxy texture with wood smoke and spices.
Price: € 93.90

A.D. Rattray Bowmore 1990 27 y.o. 50.6% Bourbon barrel
Nose: Smoky and peaty sea breeze, tobacco and gunpowder.
Taste: Sherbet lemon, salted butter and liquorice.
Finish: Fading smoke with a horseradish twist. Brilliantly balanced Bowmore.
Price: € 482.90

Berry Bros & Rudd North British 1996 20 y.o. 54.8% Refill sherry butt
Nose: A beautiful nose with some marmalade notes, dried fruits and nut shells.
Taste: The taste brings rich bursts of fruity sweetness and notes of coffee.
Finish: A long finish for a grain of whiskey, with spices and warm hazelnuts.
Price: € 124.90

Berry Bros & Rudd Penny Blue XO Batch 5 NAS 43.1%
Nose: Honey, full fruitiness and delicate spices.
Taste: Clear and rich with concentrated burnt Orange, passion fruit and herbs.
Finish: Playfully fruity, but wonderfully balanced with the herbs.
Price: € 41.90

A.D. Rattray Ardmore 1996 21 y.o. 59.0% Bourbon Hogshead
Nose: Sourdough, roast pork and crystallized ginger.
Taste: Cold smoked ham, rye bread and white pepper.
Finish: Butter scotch, butter cookies and typical Highlander's peat.
Price: € 163.90

A.D. Rattray Longmorn 1985 32 y.o. 51.2% Bourbon Barrel
Nose: Sliced apple, roasted coconut, strawberries and cream.
Taste: Soft peach, white chocolate and gooseberries.
Finish: kola nut, seasoned vanilla glaze, oregano and thyme
Price: € 482.90

If you are interested in one of these whiskeys or rums, please contact us.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We can deliver this for you on request, do not wait too long.... gone = gone

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