Blanton LMDW 6 60 year old 1The story behind Blantons LMDW Single Barrel #6. From 1912 to 1953 Colonel Blanton managed the distillery, they named him specially in this unique release of Blanton bourbon whiskey.

This single barrel bourbon appeared in 1983 for the first time....

Colonel Blanton was a true pioneer in the American Whiskey wold, it doesn't take long before his name was well known  ondto beyond Kentucky country.
A series of small inspirational releases, this unique bottling is specially made to celebrates the 60th anniversary of La Maison du Whisky and has an supurb complex fruitiness and exquisite floral character.

Extremely harmonious and coherent, each one of what you taste is closely linked to the next one..... enjoy!

Profile: the nose is airy, revealing citrus fruit, dried apricots and vanilla. Notes of precious wood and coconut. The palate offers a fruit symphony, with peaches, nectarines, mangoes, passion fruit and figs. The finish is herbaceous and floral (peony).

Limited edition of 186 bottles Exclusive to LMDW

BLANTON'S Bourbon Street 50%
Straight Bourbon, United States / Kentucky 70cl 
We no longer need to present the most famous of the single barrel bourbons. Each new bottling does, however, offer its own fair share of surprises and originality. This version, baptised “Bourbon Street”, is no exception to the rule. In fact it has no qualms picking up its pilgrim’s staff to guide us through the rolling roads of Kentucky to breath in the fragrances and flavours seen in all the greatest bourbons, offering even more fruit than usual.

LMDW world exclusive Profile: complex and rich. It develops into notes of noble wood (cedar, oak) and stewed fruits (plum, greengage plum).

BLANTON'S Straight from the Barrel 65,9%
Straight Bourbon, United States / Kentucky 70cl 
This Straight From the Barrel version is a chance to taste an authentic whiskey, bottled at cask strength and without chill filtration. It is tangy and characterised by notes of honey, candied fruit and nutmeg. Blanton’s straight bourbon is defined as a luxury American whiskey. The first brand to create single cask bottlings, each batch is produced at the famous Buffalo Trace distillery.

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