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All Straight Bourbon actually already is a “single” whiskey such as a single malt, because it was never blended with neutral alcohol.

The whiskey also comes from a single distillery. The distillers in Kentucky came up with the idea to name their special whiskeys: Single Barrel, Small Batch Bourbon and Small Scale Bourbon.

In Single Barrel Bourbons such as this Blanton’s Special Reserve, each barrel of Bourbon is different, therefore causing the whiskey inside of it to ripen slightly differently. The location of the barrel of whiskey in the warehouse also influences the ripening process. 

The location of the barrel of whiskey in the warehouse also influences the ripening process..... so they can make over 6 beautiful varieties of whiskeys..... 


The barrels with the highest quality whiskey, the ones with much higher quality than average, are located in the middle of the warehouse. This whiskey is often ripened longer to get even better. Each barrel is then bottled separately, making each bottle a unique product. At Blanton’s, the number of the warehouse and the row and corresponding number of the barrel the whiskey ripened in are mentioned.
Blanton’s Original

Colonel Blanton discovered that some bourbons in some barrels ripened better than others. All Blanton’s bourbons are therefore single barrels, handpicked out of all bourbons made in the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

This is a marvelous bourbon whiskey with its beautiful orange colors and delicate scents of grains, spices and citrus fruits like oranges with hints of caramel and vanilla. It tastes creamy with touches of raisins and vanilla and hints of caramel, ripe fruit and flower. You can also taste a hint of spices in the back. The aftertaste is well-balanced with touches of vanilla, honey and citrus fruits.

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Blanton’s Original comes in a stylish bottled bourbon with various flavours and aromas you’ve never experienced before. Blanton’s Original is a true champion in its class. It won the gold medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition five years in a row, from 1999 to 2004! The various types of beautiful bourbons in different price classes indicate the breadth of Blanton’s distillery and envisions a great future for the Americans. A special challenge that motivates these men.

Blanton’s is the world’s first bourbon whiskey, produced and traded by the Sazerac Company. This whiskey is distilled in a single barrel in Frankfurt, Kentucky in the Buffalo Trace Distillery. 

Blanton’s was first sold in 1984, as the world’s first single barrel bourbon, under the label “Single Barrel Blanton’s Bourbon”. A single barrel bourbon is a whiskey with a content of certain aged barrels that are not mixed with whiskeys from other barrels and not mixed with neutral spirits, colorings or flavourings. The company claims they constantly check each barrel in order to bring very strong and high-quality whiskey on the market.

The beautiful Blanton’s Original smells lightly spiced with hints of dried citrus, orange peel, caramel and vanilla. It has a full and soft taste. People taste caramel, orange, burnt sugar and cloves. The aftertaste is well balanced with vanilla, honey and citrus.

Blanton’s Gold
The Blanton’s gold is the crème de la crème of the Blanton range. Only a few barrels are chosen for this one. Single cask, just like the other Blanton bourbons.

Gold Edition is a version of Blanton’s that is only offered outside the US and in travel retail. It is distilled in Buffalo Trace from a sour mash of corn, rye and malted barley to a percentage of 70%. The spirit is then put on a barrel at a strength of 62.5%. These are barrelled by Independent Stave from six-months air dried American oak wood and provided with a #4 char. Ripening takes place in Warehouse H. eventually the whiskey is filtered cold and bottled at a strength of 51.5% per barrel.

It has intense and dry aromas of fine wood and dried fruit, supplemented by herbs and flowers. It has a strong, rich sharp taste of honey, dried fruit such as plums, vanilla, chocolate and herbs such as clove and cinnamon. The aftertaste is long and contains vanilla, nuts, wood with hints of apple and caramel! Blanton’s Gold has a beautifully designed bottle with wondrous tastes and mesmerizing aromas.
A unique whiskey in so many facets and ways. A complex, but very elegant bourbon whiskey!

Blanton’s Special Reserve Green
Created as an introductory edition to our full lineup, Blanton’s Special Reserve is ideal for those new to single barrel bourbons. A sweet taste profile with a floral nose and light undertones of vanilla and citrus make it perfect for a premium cocktail or served on the rocks. 40% alcohol by volume.

Blanton’s Special Reserve Green
 comes from a single barrel. Each bottle is filled, labeled, sealed and numbered by hand. Nose: spicy, sweet grains, buttery with some fruity touches. Taste: frivolous, spicy and toffee. Aftertaste: spicy and medium-length.

Blanton's Straight From The Barrel is big American power whiskey.
After six months of air drying the are provided with a #4 char. The spirit is barrelled at a minimum of 62.5% and is filtered and bottled un-chill at optimal ripeness.

The Barrel proof has delicate aromas of grains and herbs and citrus fruits such as oranges with hints of caramel and vanilla. The Blanton’s Barrel Proof furthermore contains a very full and creamy taste of raisins and vanilla, with hints or caramel, ripe fruit and flowers, giving it a pleasant and very tasteful combination. The touch of added spices perfects the Blanton’s Barrel Proof, which is concluded with a beautiful, balanced aftertaste of vanilla, honey and citrus fruits. The Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel has a nice orange copper color.

Always pure and intense with a strong touch of wood. Alcohol percentage is between 60 and 66%. In the years we have had percentage of 65.15%, 65,3%, 63.35%, 63.5%, 62,8%, 64.2%. 65,7%, 66.35%, 63.95%, 65%. Many are sold out, but we often managed to get some new ones!

Tasting note Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel
Colour: dark amber. Nose: powerful aromas of honey, vanilla, toffee, spicy oak and tobacco. 
Taste: full, rich and creamy, notes of ripe citrus fruit, sweet spices, honey and powerful oak lead towards a long and strong aftertaste with notes of peach, citrus fruit and creamy chocolate.


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