Blanton straight from the barrel online for saleBlanton’s Straight from the Barrel is the most pure whiskey bottled by Blanton’s. It’s not just a single barrel as per usual, but the bottles are filled at cask strength.

The high alcohol percentage gives it a lot of strength and intensity, yet its flavour is very inviting at the same time..... it all happens in Warehouse H... 

The used barrels ripen in warehouse H and are made by Independent Stave. After six months of air drying the are provided with a #4 char. The spirit is barrelled at different proof from 60.0% and up and is filtered and bottled un-chill at optimal ripeness.

The Barrel proof has delicate aromas of grains and herbs and citrus fruits such as oranges with hints of caramel and vanilla. 

The Blanton’s Barrel Proof furthermore contains a very full and creamy taste of raisins and vanilla, with hints or caramel, ripe fruit and flowers, giving it a pleasant and very tasteful combination. The touch of added spices perfects the Blanton’s Barrel Proof, which is concluded with a beautiful, balanced aftertaste of vanilla, honey and citrus fruits. The whiskey has a nice orange copper colour.

Blanton's Straight From The Barrel is big American power whiskey. Always pure and intense with a strong touch of wood. Alcohol percentage is between 60 and 66%.

Tasting note Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel

Colour: dark amber. Nose: powerful aromas of honey, vanilla, toffee, spicy oak and tobacco.
Taste: full, rich and creamy, notes of ripe citrus fruit, sweet spices, honey and powerful oak lead towards a long and strong aftertaste with notes of peach, citrus fruit and creamy chocolate.

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Blanton straight from the barrel online for sale


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