Blantons straight from the Barrel Proof online for sale usaAlways popular among bourbon lovers, Blanton's Straight From The Barrel doesn't disappoint.  Bottled at a natural barrel-proof, this special bourbon is for the reeal die-hards. Blanton's Straight From The Barrel is a truly awesome sipping whiskey of unforgettable quality.....

The beautiful bottles of this Kentucky Straight from the barrel bourbon whiskey are filled by hand and numbered bottles. Bourbon for Blanton is selected from special older vessels and bottled at cask strength after being matured in Buffalo Trace's famous Warehouse H. So the edition varietes from the different available Blanton casks at 64,1%, 64,4%, 65.8% to the highest we've ever seen at 66,35%  abv.

All Straight from the Barrel Bourbon is actually a "single" whiskey as a single malt. It is never blended with neutral alcohol and the bourbon comes of course only from one distillery. In Straigth from the Barrel Proof, each vessel Bourbon is different and  that makes the whiskey matures at his own way.

The actual place where the barrel with the Blanton whiskey is maturing in the warehouses has also an influence on the maturation. The barrels of the highest quality whiskey, which are much better than the average, are in the middle of the warehouse. This whiskey is allowed to ripen usually allowed to mature much longer in order  to be as good as they can. Each vessel is then bottled separately, so there is a unique product in each bottle. In The Blanton distillery they noted always the warehouse number and the row with the corresponding number of the cask, where the whiskey has matured in. In the case of The Blanton straight from te barrel there's ofcourse also the alcoholpercentage wich varietes from 64,1% tot the highest we've ever seen 66,35% abv.

Blanton straight from the barrel are very popular with our customers in the USA, unfortunately they are not for sale in the states.

Not only one of the world’s best bourbons, Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel is one of the world’s best whiskeys. Created for connoisseurs familiar with cask strength whiskeys, this enormous taste profile reaches depths of flavor found only in the rarest of spirits. The high alcohol by volume is intense and powerful yet inviting. The complexity of rye, caramel, oak, honey and vanilla coat your palate followed by a legendary finish. Straight from the barrel is best served neat or with a splash of water. Un-filtered, un-cut, unbelievable.

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Blanton's was launched in 1984 under the guidance of Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee. It was the first modern bourbon that was put in the market as Single Barrel. Owner of the brand is the Sazerac Company, the whiskey is distilled in their Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky. The whiskey is named after Albert Bacon Blanton, also known as Colonel Blanton (Kentucky Colonel is a fairly common honorific title granted by the Commonwealth of Kentucky). He was born in 1881 and was employed as a sixteen year-old clerk at the former O.F.C. Distillery. In 1912, after having worked in every department, he became manager of the distillery, warehouse and bottling department. At that time, the distillery was renamed George T. Stagg Distillery. Eventually he became director in 1921. After his retirement in 1952 he could only enjoy seven years of his retirement, he died in the spring of 1959.

Although the original brand name "Blanton's Singe Barrel Bourbon" is not fed anymore, every bottle of Blanton's still comes from a single vessel . The emptying of the casks, and the filling of the bottles is not done mechanically  but by the hand. A special gimmick are the eight different stoppers. Each has a letter next to a picture of a racehorse with jockey in different poses. Placed in order they form a stop-motion portrayal of the start to the (winning) finish.....



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