Blackadder independent whisky

Luckily due to the a lower exchange rate of the Pound, we managed to to determine lower prices for these new whiskeys, a nice bonus anyway?

Robin Tucek Blackadder has again bottled some very attractive whiskeys and rums. Great taste, lots of color and very high alcohol levels.

"A Drop of the Irish" represents the very best Irish whiskey. This sherrybarrel has given the Irish whiskey more fruits and warm exotic influences. Bottled at cask strength of 58.9%.

....... And there are two beautiful new bottlings of Bruichladdich and Port Charlotte!


The Blackadder Bruichladdich 2004 from a refill bourbon hogshead has salty and sweet taste influences with honey and sea water. Salty caramel mixed with exotic fruit.

The Blackadder Port Charlotte 2004 is not only heavy peated, but is also coming off a first-fill sherry hogshead. A very special combination, bottled at 61.1% which has great taste. First, the smoky flavor with peat and sea salt. Thereafter, the barrel influences take over with cherries, candied fruits, chocolate and coffee. An unimaginable explosion of taste.

The English St. George's Distillery produces under the name "The English Whisky Company" for several years special English whiskey. Blackadder is the only independent bottler that is allowed to bottle this whiskey.
This barrel from 2008 contained a slightly peated whiskey and is bottled at a stunning 66.3% alcohol. Very tastefully with dried grass, earth tones with a hint of smoke and BBQ ribs. After that yellow fruit and oak.

The Peat Reek Cask Single Islay whiskey was bottled this time at 46%. Of course heavily peated, with sweet peat, lots of vanilla and yellow fruit. Red Snake comes from the same distillery as Black Snake (Black Snake Venom 2nd VAT 6 is also available again) whiskey. This single malt, however, comes from bourbon barrels. Sweet yellow fruit with a hint of cocoa butter, oak, butterscotch and honey.

Blackadder Rum:

Blackadder independent Rum Caroni Diamond Belvedere

As you may know Blackadder bottles not only whiskey but also rum. In the same way, without compromise, not diluted, without any coloring, the original "Raw Cask" style. We can deliver six very special rums.

The oldest Blackadder Rum is a 18 year old rum distillery Caroni in Trinidad. Many different flavors with, inter alia, honey, apple, pear, pineapple, caramel, orange, toffee, cinnamon, dried tropical fruit and a hint of smoke. Later also by mocha and chocolate. A very rich and flavorful rum.

2nd Blackadder Rum is a 17 year old rum distillery in Guadeloupe Belvédere. Waxes, lacquered oak in the sun, stunning red fruit and candy with burnt caramel and warming spices.

The Blackadder Diamond Distillery Rum from Guyana provides a 12 year old powerhouse that is bottled at 64.3%. Yellow tropical fruit with sugar cane. Warm spices and light caramel. With a drop of water, this rum releases more flavors.

If you are interested in this Blackadder rum, please contact us.


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