Beek whiskyWho doesn't know him in Whiskey Country? Jan Beek, Keeper of the Quaich has now a beautiful line of spirits of his own. Every now and then we receive a message which new adventures he has experienced ....

It will have been somewhere in April 2018 that Jan Beek, Keeper of the Quaich received an app from Rob Zwaan:
"Jan do you still have the HappyFace Tripel?" "Eeeh yes, I still have that."
"Great, add a splash of your old genever, that's very tasty I just discovered."

Party was canceled
A few weeks later Rob claims that he has thought about it and that he believes it should be possible to make a triple in which my genever is infused. After consultation with all the guys from HappyFace, Rob calls to say that the project is continuing. The plan: make a special edition for a party. The name of the beer: the Hammer. That party never came.

How many old genever?
The beer is. The name Kopstoot was quickly invented. Rob will experiment how many old genever should be added. He is already thinking about a test brew. The test brew is a fact in mid-December. 6 liters of genever went into 100 liters of beer, according to Rob the exact amount for a nicely balanced beer.

beek whiskyTest test
After a maturation period in the bottle, the time has come. On February 17, 2019 we head for Rob to taste the HappyFace Beek Kopstoot beer for the first time. The result is great. What strikes you immediately is the balance between the beer and the genever: soft and full. That there is quite a lot of alcohol in it is also striking. It is not a drinker, more a beer to enjoy very quietly. Entirely in the philosophy of the Beek brand.

And now?
The need for a larger batch is quickly decided. This beer is too good not to release. A few boxes of test bottles go to the Beek headquarters to make some enthusiasts and grocers happy.

To work
The making of a 1000-liter batch is scheduled for May at the De Koperen Kat brewery in Delft. The beer is already in fermentation on 10 May and we drive to Delft with 80 bottles of Beek Oude Genever. We poured the bottles in the tank with the fermenting beer. Add a pump for another night so that it can mix smoothly. And the waiting can begin.

The next day we were pretty curious. We fill a glass. The result is very good; the genever has caught and the mixture promised a lot. Well, fermenting beer is not yet very tasty ... Yet the balance between the tripel and the genever was very good! Now just wait until the end of May, when it is expected that the beer could be bottled.

The beer is bottled. The first bottle I opened tasted great! The disadvantage is that it is only a batch of 1,000 liters that will be sold by both Happy Face and Beek. The expectation is that the beer will be used up quickly.

A sequel?
Soon I will discuss with Rob if we can do more together. Maybe a barrel where something from Beek has been and where a solid HappyFace beer can get its maturation. And of course we are also thinking about the next batch of Kopstoot. We have more plans. You are not yet off the combination HappyFace - Beek!




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