berry bros rudd independent bottler

Berry Bros. & Rudd was one of the first independent bottlers who came to the Netherlands to promote his bottlings.

A very old company (since 1698) with one of the best noses in the whiskey world (Doug McIvor).

That's a guarantee for beautiful new bottlings ......

Berrys’ Own Selection Whisky's:

Berry Bros. & Rudd is by far the oldest company in the whiskey world. In 1698 the Widow Bourne opened a new store in front of the new palace of Henry the Eighth. From there, the new palace was provided with appropriate wines and spirits. The store on St. James' Street No.3 is still the basis from which Berry Bros. & Rudd London provides the world with the best whiskys.
Let's get started with our personal favorite. The Berrys’ Own Selection Glen Garioch 1989 is a typical example of an "old fashioned" Glen Garioch. Spicy impressions come upwards first, then the yellow fruit is covered with smoke and earthy tones....... Lovely.

Berry bros rudd independent bottling of Bunnahabhain are two totally different bottlings.

The 26 year old Bunnahabhain 1987 Berrys’ Own Selection has dried and pickled vegetables, briny and salty. The mouthfeel is rich and intense with sweet fruit and honey. Here too, a trace of upward smoke.  

The Bunnahabhain Margadale 2005 Berrys’ Own Selection is heavy peated and therefore opens with earthy, spicy influences that are covered by tobacco smoke. The flavors are very strong with smoke, pepper and then the present fruit develops nicely. The finish is long with plenty of peat.

Glenlossie 1992 Berrys’ Own Selection comes from a rather unknown distillery, but this whisky has won all the awards that you can imagine. Fortunately we can still get some bottles. Banana in sweet cream, dark honey and treacle toffee. Then more soft fruit with nuts and oak. Classic.

this one is  also very attractive: the Caperdonich 1995 Berrys’ Own Selection. Of course, the distillery is out of order for over 14 years, demolished in  2010. The remaining barrels soon became quit expensive. This bottling is not only very tasty but also affordable. Green apple and cakes sweetened with banana, honey and sweet cereals. The tongue experiences dusty hay, quickly followed by a lot of fruit and firm turf at the end. A really nice Caperdonich.

By the name Islay Reserve bottelt Berry Bros. & Rudd a blended malt of two different Islay distilleries. Excellent bottlings the oldest barrels are 17 years old. The nose is typical Islay. Heavy peat with salty influences, followed by a mix of fresh fruit and earthy tones. The finish is long and warming. An Islay winner.

Berrys’ Own Selection Rum:

berry bros rudd independent bottlers

Berry Bros. & Rudd has been bottling rum for many years. They are also responsible for Penny Blue Rum Distillery from the Medine of Mauritsius.
The rum of the Batch 4 is aged in former bourbon whiskey barrels. Tropical fruit predominates, with traces of eucalyptus and herbs come from the oak. A rum for whisky lovers,and of course, rum lovers.

The 12 y.o. Jamaican Rum Berrys’ Own Selection has marmalade and tropical fruit with fresh cream and deep spices. Overwhelmingly fruit with dark spices and delicate peat. What a combination......

The 10 y.o. Barbados Rum Berrys’ Own Selection is beautifully balanced with again lots of fruit, raisins and figs. A very stylish rum with lots of fruit in the aftertaste.

The 12 y.o. Panama Rum Berrys’ Own Selection

has more tones of spices and oak. The combination of tropical fruits, the present menthol is delicious and  exciting. The finish is long and heart-warming.

The tasting notes of this wonderful independent bottler Whiskies

Berry Bros & Rudd Dale Marga Bunnahabhain 2005 11 Y.O. 46.0%

Nose: peaty smoke with earthy touches. Spices and tobacco smells then come loose in the nose.
Taste: Very mature and very powerful with smoke, and influenced by pepper. The original soft fruit tones develop nicely.
Finish: Dry, tall with a good aftertaste of peat.

Berry Bros & Rudd Caperdonich 1995 20 y.o. 46.0%

Nose: The nose opens with green apples and cakes sweetened with hints of banana. Also, honey and cereals add itself to the nose.
Taste: Dusty old barn with a superlative fruitiness and a good solid peat boost to finish
Finish: Long, sweet and peat

Berry bros rudd independent bottlingsBerry's Own Selection Barbados Rum 10 y.o. 46.0%

Nose: This is a real classic Bajan rum with a harmonious nose with lots of fruit and great nice balance of raisins and figs.
Taste: The fruit gets more depth in the mouth. Very abundant tasty fruit remains to finish
Finish: Very stylish with lots of vegetables

Penny Blue XO Single Estate Rum Distillery from Medine Mauritsius 43% of whiskey and bourbon barrels

Nose: tropical fruit with eucalyptus and oak
Taste: lively and deep with spicy influences and yellow fruit.
Finish: long and very satisfying.
Berry Bros & Rudd Glenlossie 1992 21 y.o. 46.0%

Nose: Deliciously sweet, banana cream. The fruit on the nose and the underlying honey gives the nose some strength. The nose invites ...... ..
Taste: A playful mouth feel with lots of cream and fruit. The fruit notes are combined with nuts and bananas again
Finish: Very delicate, spicy dormant.

Berry Bros & Rudd Glen Garioch 1989 26 y.o. 46.0%

Nose: A very attractive and inviting nose with grassy tones and underlying yellow fruit and a hint of smoke
Taste: the smoke is clearly present in the mouth carried by a fruity magic floating carpet
Finish: This whiskey is a true statement. Truly a classic!

Berry's Own Selection Panama Rum 12 y.o. 46.0%

Nose: A stylish gold rum opens in the nose with great fruit flavors and light delicate spice and wood notes.
Taste: A great combination of wood tones which are followed by mild menthol. Very delicate and exciting combination that is heartwarming
Finish: This is long and promising

Berry Bros & Rudd Bunnahabhain 1987 26 y.o. 46.0%

Nose: An enchanting nose with dried fruit with apricot and honey, followed by peaty and smoky breeze in the nose.
Taste: Various flavors follow on in the mouth. Very rich and very intense. The sweet fruit notes to be connected with the peat which remains strong. A beautiful and sophisticated combination with honey sticks standing up to the finish.
Finish: Long and rich with a delicious honey.

Berry's Own Selection Jamaican Rum 12 y.o. 46.0%

Nose: Strong nose of tropical fruit with marmalade. creamy influences
Taste: Stunning much fruit on the palate. The combination with the herbs provide a warming sensation. This is followed by a delicate peat which completes the mouth feel
Finish: Warming, fruity with a lovely peat closure
Berry's Own Selection Islay NAS Backup 46.0%

Nose: The nose already directly typical Islay. Heavy turf once you turn open the cap.
Palate: The peat is immediately mixed in the mouth with sweet fruit which gets a gentle kiss of smoky peat.
Finish: Long, dry and earthy. In short: A typical Islay

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