Cask End Tafel Whisky vatdekselThe finest whiskey barrel ends or lids are saved, so the beautiful original caskend will not lost and so regain a beautiful destination!

This beautiful Glenlivet Distillery Macallan Caskend 1984/7784 for example may shine as a trendy Coffee- or Side Table and flaunt further at real whiskey lovers. A real eye-catcher with a composition from candles or fun home accessories!

What's the story behind your whiskey barrel lid?

Distillery managers have a love for bourbon and sherry casks of American oak to mature their whiskey's. Virgin (unused) oak barrels are generally giving too much tannin and strong vanilla flavors, therefore they preferred in general used barrels, these barrels provide a much milder flavor, so the whiskey can mature quietly and abandon his own nature.

Whiskey barrels are usually be re-used up to three times, depending of course on the number of years that the whiskey is matured in the barrels. After all many barrels lie down with up to 25 or 30 years before they are bottled.....
Eventually, one reaches the point where the wood is saturated with whiskey. This is luckily not to the end of the long road that the whiskey barrels already have made.... for example progressive craft brewers of beer, cider gins, reuse whiskey barrels so the flavors and aromas be given to their own products. And so the cycle begins again!
This whiskey barrel lid is preserved for the future!

Cask End Tafel Whisky vatdeksel 750

This Macallan Glenlivet Whisky Barrel End /Lid is saved for the future!

The finest whiskey barrels are reused for furniture, tables or exquisite decorative whiskey gadgets. The finest whiskey barrel lid or cask ends are to be saved, so the beautiful original caskend are n't lost and so as a Whisky Barrelend Table regain a beautiful destination!

This authentic single malt whiskey lids are painted and has a barcode with the name of the single malt whiskey and year in the Scottish distillery. By this you can see exactly from which Scottish single malt whiskey Distillery the Whisky Barrel lid comes form and which year the whiskey is distilled. So many cask ends have set very long in the Scottish distilleries.

The authentic whiskey barrel lids lettering are repainted by hand in the traditional manner to the original of the distillery.
A great gift with a nice story, the authentic whiskey smell meets you at the door..... who does not like to excite all his senses. A true Whisky experience!

Watch here the Beautiful Collection Whisky Barrel End Tables


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