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Bourbon, whiskey from the US, is always characterized by the recipe of the mash.

Straight bourbon is produced with at least 51% corn, Straight rye of at least 51% rye.
Bourbon is distilled twice. The first time is a so-called “beer still”, the second one a “doubler”.

The name bourbon may exclusively be used for American whiskeys that have ripened at least two years in charred oak barrels and of which the mash bill (the recipe) contains at least 51% corn.... 


If the mash bill, however, states 80% corn or more, the whiskey must be called "Straight Corn Whiskey". 

After ripening the whiskey for at least a year and a day in Kentucky, this whiskey is allowed to be called "Kentucky Bourbon".

Bourbon can be made anywhere in the US. Bourbon is for instance produced in Virginia (Virginia Gentleman). The famous whiskey brand "Jack Daniel's", from Tennessee, is also bourbon according to the law. But this whiskey is filtered through a 3-meter thick layer of maple charcoal for the ripening process, called “charcoal mellowing”, the name “Tennessee Whiskey” was invented to distinguish themselves from other (Kentucky) bourbons.

There is another distillery in Tennessee that applies this process: George Dickel.


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