Gordon MacPhail onlineWhat makes Gordon & MacPhail special is that they have long-term contracts with a large number of distilleries.

Almost all independent bottlers buy whiskey that is already in the barrel. Often this whiskey is at least a few years old.

But because Gordon & MacPhail has old contracts, they buy their own barrels and have them filled with new make spirit at the distillery.

Nieuw Macallan Distillery Edrington Edrington first revealed her plans to open the new multi-million-pound site in 2012 and finaly construction got under way in December 2014.
The first spirit was produces in the stills in December last year and the visitor experience has just opened.
Edrington expects to draw more visitor to the new location, in fact they are counting on double the amount of visitor in the first year.

Blanton special reserve online for sale worldwide shippingThis Blanton’s Special reserve Green is slightly lighter than the other ones. It’s loved by many because of its friendly character.

The beautiful bottles of this Kentucky Straight Special Reserve whiskey are hand-filled and the bottles are numbered.
The bourbon for Blanton is selected from special older barrels.

Grand Marnier 150 Cinquantenaire Worldwide Shipping
In addition to the known types, Grand-Marnier released a number of special edition, such as a Grand Marnier Special Reserve Royal Celebration. 

Grand Marnier celebrate with this special edition the beautiful marriage of Lady Diana Spencer and Charles, Prince of Wales, on 29th of July 1981..... 
carn mor strictly limited whisky online for saleMorrison & Mackay used to be the owners of Morrison Bowmore. They currently are one of the most popular independent bottlers.
The three new “Strictlies” have very different characters, regions, and ages Càrn Mòr Strictly Limited:

The youngest one is the Fettercairn 2009. This 7 year old whisky is spicy and sweet with caramel, sticky toffee pudding, fudge and brown herbs. Very tasty with a strong mouth feel......
Berry Bros Rudd own selectionBerry Bros. Rudd is one of the oldest companies in London and has been located on St. James's Street 3 in the heart of the city since 1698. They still bottle very beautiful whiskys and rum.

A.D. Rattray is not a new young company, but is a baby compared to Berrys'. They have also, in addition to new batches of the popular Cask Islay and Stronachie, bottled very attractive whiskys.

Annandale Distillery David Thomson the owner of Annandale Distillery tells great story's about his new distillery:

“It will be a manually-operated distillery, and the emphasis will be on craftsmanship and heritage”

“It will also be a very ‘green’ distillery, and we are restoring the malting floor so that ideally we can one day make our own malt.

“Initially, we plan to distil 250,000 litres per year, then double that once we are fully up and running”

maltman andy hart secret speyside
A year ago Andy Hart bottled a barrel "Secret Speyside" from a first fill sherry hogshead. This whiskey became one of the most popular and fastest selling whiskeys of the year.

Now there is a new "Secret Speyside 2007" bottled from a sherry butt, from the same distillery (telling you a secret: it's a Macallan).

And in our opinion even slightly better than the previous one ...

1792 Ridgemont Reserve online buy sale
1792 Ridgemont Reserve is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey and a brand of the Sazerac Company.
This small batch bourbon is distilled in the Barton 1792 Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky. Although the whiskey is still eight years old, this is no longer mentioned on the bottle since 2013.

The addition of 1792 comes from the year Kentucky officially became one of the States of the United States....

american whiskey blanton buy online

Bourbon, whiskey from the US, is always characterized by the recipe of the mash.

Straight bourbon is produced with at least 51% corn, Straight rye of at least 51% rye.
Bourbon is distilled twice. The first time is a so-called “beer still”, the second one a “doubler”.

The name bourbon may exclusively be used for American whiskeys that have ripened at least two years in charred oak barrels and of which the mash bill (the recipe) contains at least 51% corn.... 

caperdonich closed distilleryWe were able to purchase two whiskies from closed distilleries… Not a brick is left of these distilleries, so the whisky quickly becomes more rare.

There have been a handful independent releases by independent bottlers such as Douglas Laing, Duncan Taylor and Gordon & MacPhail, but those are quite difficult to find. Many bottlings are therefore already quite unique and hard to get....

ad rattray independent bottlers now online for saleThere's a new importer of the high quality single cask range by A.D. Rattray, also known under the name Dewar Rattray. This old family business has been bottling single cask bottles from the very best barrels for many years.

The relationship between A.D. Rattray and WIN goes back quite a bit. they have been importing Cask Islay and Stronachie for a while now, both very tasty and successful whiskies.

Grand Marnier 150 Cinquantenaire Worldwide Shipping

Grand Marnier is an authentic liqueur with style and charm. It is a mix of the best cognac and Caribbean orange peel. The color is clear topaz, with gold and amber tones.

Grand Marnier has a complex nose of orange flowers, combined with scents of dried orange peel and toffee. The cognac has strengthened the orange flavor and the liqueur contains hints of orange marmalade and hazelnuts.

The finish is long and harmonious with a medium and soft aftertaste. The product slowly ripens in oak barrels.... 

Compass Box Hedonism The Muse online for sale 250This International Women's Day, we are proud to announce Hedonism, The Muse, in celebration of the fact that women now make up the majority of the team at Compass Box. 

This special limited edition expression of compass Box has all the flavour hallmarks of the classic Hedonism, with even greater depth and intensity.

macallan quest enigma terra lumina 1
New Global Travel Range demonstrates the lengths traveled to create outstanding whisky. They’ve travelled over 20,000 miles to bring the most sophisticated flavors of the globe to your glass.

Macallan set out on a journey exploring the influence of European and American forests to craft four new cask types. Get ready for a taste of travel and be the first to taste what we discovered. Coming your way in 2018.

The Macallan Quest Collection is available exclusively to travel retail starting with Changi Airport in Singapore in Januari 2018 and then rolling out worldwide from February onwards.

Luckily we managed to get some for our whiskylovers!

Blanton straight from the barrel gold original reserve online for sale Blanton’s was first introduced in 1984 under the supervision of Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee. It was the first modern bourbon that was brought on the market as Single Barrel.

Owner of the brand is the Sazerac Company, the whiskey is distilled in their Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky.

The whiskey is named after Albert Bacon Blanton, also known as Colonel Blanton (Kentucky Colonel is a fairly common honorific title granted by the Commonwealth of Kentucky).

He was born in 1881 and started working as an office clerk the then O.F.C. Distillery at age 16. in 1912, after having worked in every department, he became the manager of the distillery, the warehouse and the bottling plant.

Around that time, the distillery was renamed George T. Stagg Distillery. He was eventually appointed director in 1921. After his resignation in 1952 he could enjoy his retirement for only seven years. He died in the Spring of 1959.... 

Littlemill 27 Years Old Privat Cellar edition 2017This last thing is of course also true for the 27-year old Littlemill.

This barrel from 1988 has the scents and flavours of peach and vanilla custard with butterscotch cream on the tongue, and has a very long aftertaste with influences from the oak wood.

The eternal silence started in 1994 for the still’s of the Littlemill distillery. The Littlemill whisky was sold to the Loch Lomond Distillery Company and was dismantled shortly after.

A fire in September of that year sealed Littlemill’s fate for good....
compassbox whisky no name 1Compass Box Phenomenology 1
On the 1th of November Compass Box introduced Phenomenology and No Name....

Two new Limited Edition Blended Malt Scotch Whiskies for autumn 2017.

We received a special letter from John Glaser:
In accordance with the Whiskymaker’s need and obligation to ask questions, to challenge and to experiment, both of these whiskeys have encouraged us to challenge our own thinking about how a whisky is experienced and understood.

They have pushed us to share their stories in a way we haven’t done before.

You’ll find the end result in two very different, yet, we believe, equally compelling styles of Blended Malt Scotch Whisky.....
Blanton LMDW 6 60 year old 1The story behind Blantons LMDW Single Barrel #6. From 1912 to 1953 Colonel Blanton managed the distillery, they named him specially in this unique release of Blanton bourbon whiskey.

This single barrel bourbon appeared in 1983 for the first time....
Arran Whisky Special Bottling worldwide shippingThis Arran Single Malt James MacTaggart Anniversary. This year, Master Distiller James MacTaggart celebrates his 10th anniversary at the Isle of Arran Distillery and an incredible 40 years in the Scotch whisky industry.
Arran's Master Distiller, James MacTaggart: "Making whisky is a team effort, but every team needs a leader and at Isle of Arran, that’s James"

James said: “The last 10 years have been very special for the distillery. We’ve released our oldest age statements, including the 18 Year Old which was a real coming of age for Arran.One of the great pleasures of my job is crafting unique bottlings inspired by the island and its history – a history that I’m proud to be part of.”

Arran also too the new release of the already eigth Arran Machrie Moor 2017 8th edition peated whisky to the Pot Still Festival! The whisky has a peat content of 20ppm and 15,000 bottles of Arran Single Malt Whisky were bottled for the global market.....